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  1. d, the ones that don't follow the rules and regulations of the AMA (American Motorcycle Association). These motorcycle clubs not only live by their own rules and regulations, but they also follow their diktats pretty strictly, and any rule-breaking can lead to even long-time members getting evicted
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  3. Showing respect is not a rule for Biker Wags to follow - it's more of a demand. There's no room for error on this one. If they want to be part of this culture in any way, the women of a motorcycle club must show respect to the club, its rules and all its members. 15 Be A Lad
  4. 8) Club rules apply to all. The Ride Commander or vice Ride Commander shall report and recommend to the Board of Directors members who have violated the riding rules. Sanctions—warnings, suspensions and expulsions—will be imposed against the erring rider if the situation warrants. 9) Ride as one happy family
  5. Protocol and Respect are primary rules when dealing with a motorcycle club patchholder. If you are FORMALLY introduced to a patchholder, make sure either the person doing the introduction (or you) make sure they know what club you belong to & if you are an officer, what position you hold

Writing bylaws can be the biggest headache of starting a riding organization - but it's also the most important document you'll create. FTFM has provided a template for motorcycle club bylaws below. Feel free to copy and modify this document to suit your club or chapter Master the Rules of the Wave The motorcycle wave is a form of communication that all riders should use. They're different from the hand signals mentioned above, but as important and as big a part of the culture. It's not only basic etiquette to wave to other riders - it's a signal that connects you with the community The basic rules may stretch through anything like owing a motorcycle and having a full license are mandatory, to the amounts which are due for memberships, patches, and other privileges. Rules and regulations of the MC should also inform members on how exactly decisions can be reached at meetings. This includes quota numbers and other information The riding rules will follow AMA and District 37 rules. Minimum penalty for violation of these rules is to be a $2.00 fine, maximum penalty being expulsion from the club by secret ballot. A majority vote required upon these matters OUTLAWS MC 15 USA. The Following are the Rules of OUTLAWS MC 15 USA. If you do not like the rules then don't join,Outlaws MC No member of the OutLaws Mc is exempted from these rules. No killing/Stealing of other team members unless permission is given by club President. DO NOT take matters into your own hands

The Eagle Riders MC is open to any motorcycle enthusiast who is wants to be a part of a brotherhood. 2. The Club will be governed by five (5) officer positions, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant At Arms. Any member holding an office within the Club, will wear a patch designating their office By-Laws. This Club shall be known as TWIN RIVER RIDERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB. The Club was organized on February 28, 1987 in Ottawa, Illinois. It is the purpose of this Club to operate a social organization to promote the use and enjoyment of motorcycles and outdoor fellowship among it members, through group activities

If you're probating a club the meaning and proper display of approved patches will be taught to you. Never ever try wearing a 3 piece ( Top and Bottom Rockers with a Center Patch) especially with an MC Cube unless you are a member of a MC which ha.. EMPIRE CITY MOTORCYCLE CLUB ~ CONSTITUTION ~ 5. Any member or members of the Executive Board may approve the appropriate expenditure of club funds, not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) when it would be impractical to wait on a club vote. Such an action is not cumulative (i.e. two officers cannot authorize a $200 expenditure.

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  1. In fact, many new motorcycle riders decide to purchase a bike because they desire to become part of a particular social group. Whether you are a member of a large motorcycle club or simply like to hit the road with a small group of fellow riders on the weekends, there are certain safety rules and etiquette guidelines that you, as a new rider.
  2. Types Of Motorcycle Clubs Reviews: To give you accurate answers, however, you need to know the kind of motorcycle club to start. Basically, there are two kinds: 1. Riding Club. A riding club is a group of acquaintances and friends who like riding motorbikes. They get to together from time to time, to socialize and ride their bikes
  3. utes), to be exempt from the above rule. This period is subject to change at the discretion of the executive board. This is a MOTORCYCLE CLUB
  4. Most importantly, enjoy group motorcycle riding. Most riders don't ride in groups all the time, its usually just something to do once in a while. So when riding in a group, try to be a good group member; keep the pace, pass hand signals, and try not to ride aggressively or show off
  5. Motorcycle Club Biker Ranks and Titles Guide. Motorcycle clubs may have formal hierarchy and duties to promote structure for their club. The most common ranks are Founder, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Road Captain, SGT at Arms, Member and Prospect. Clubs may also have a Tail-Gunner, enforcer and a chaplain

While you may just be a Riding Club, it's only respectful to honor the house rules. Motorcycle clubs that honored the house rules would probably be deeply offended that you didn't. Also remember, many establishments choose to have this policy and it applies to all clubs that use any kind of patch; they do not distinguish between a MC and a RC The provisions of a motorcycle club will vary depending on the organization. Many will include regulations for members such as respect for the organization and dignity to represent the club well. Other rules often surround what it takes to wear club colors, what level of participation is expected, and attendance to meetings

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A riding club may have a one-piece back patch that may be purchased, and members can usually keep the patch even after they have left the club. Members of riding clubs usually have very few commitments, and may come and go as they please. A MOTORCYCLE CLUB requires a deep level of personal commitment and self-discipline Every group or club has its own temperaments, but there are a few things that you need to know when you decide to participate in group motorcycle riding. You need to maintain your position that you've been placed in the group and if your struggling to keep up, it's best to wave the faster riders in front of you These are 10 Rules of Biker Etiquette you would assume are common sense, but you would be surprised on how many people over look them. • Learn the proper way to introduce your self. Remember if your wearing a patch on your back, your representing your entire club. Make sure you do it right. Club name - Road name - City of Origi 2.Protocol and Respect are primary rules when dealing with a motorcycle club (MC) or riding club (RC) Patch holder. If you are formally introduced to a MC Patch holder, make sure either the person doing the introduction (or you) makes sure they know that you belong to (Brotherhood Quest R.S.), what position you hold (i.e., Chapter President. 1. Lead the (unit club) in formation riding or parades. The Ride Leads will give ride briefs to all riders prior to the start of a ride. 2. Enforce all rules of group riding. (INSTALLATION & NAME OF CLUB 4 of 8 DAT

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  1. In the motorcycle world, there are different organizations established. There are Ride Groups, Associations, Riding Clubs, etc. Within this community, the traditional MC stands apart and ranks highest in stature. There is a natural hierarchy that is recognized between motorcycle clubs. The strongest and mos
  2. 8) Club rules apply to all. The Ride Commander or vice Ride Commander shall report and recommend to the Board of Directors members who have violated the riding rules. Sanctions—warnings, suspensions and expulsions—will be imposed against the erring rider if the situation warrants. 9) Ride as one happy family. The club shall do its best to.
  3. Clubs including the Hells Angels MC go pretty much everywhere by motorcycle, they aren't just the toy that comes out on the weekend if the sun has come out. You will be expected to live on your Harley Davidson, riding across cities and states on your way to meets and as your primary form of transport, if you want to know how to become a Hells.
  4. Great words! After 30 nearly years in tha' saddle I rarely do any group riding outside of tha' club. As I am sure others have witnessed, there's a whole load of stupidity in play when a gaggle of riders get together and haul ass from poker run stop to stop. Even riding with my closest buds, I'll take the dead last spot every time
  5. The 75,000+ members of the Iron Butt Association are dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding. Although based in the United States, we have thousands of enthusiastic members throughout the globe! One of our more popular slogans is, The World Is Our Playground

Published: June 2020. The camaraderie of group riding is one draw of having a motorcycle. However, it's important to understand the etiquette and rules of group riding so you can do your part to help keep everyone in the group safe Club Ref: #9015 Membership Restrictions: yes Club Gender Requirements: No gender restrictions Bike Preference Bike Type : Cruisers Make Type : Any Club Details: Description: The Imperial Cruisers are the Charlotte, NC Chapter of the No Rules Riders. The mission of No Rules Riders, Imperial Cruisers Chapter, is to have a motorcycle riding group that people can be part of without dealing with.

The patches on a biker's jacket tell a story -- among other things, what club the wearer's part of, whether it's a Motorcycle Club or Riding Club, what city he's from, what territory his. Group riding is disciplined riding and if following the rules of the group is not for you, then don't get in the group and meet everyone later at the destination. For those who do enjoy group riding, one slack rider, who does not keep the proper distance, either too close, or too far, can spoil their day By-Laws will be reviewed and/or revised by a Committee appointed by the President as necessary. G&M Riding Club Inc. By-Laws updated and approved by membership on November 19, 2014. Additions to the By-Laws are reflected in green. G. & M. Riding Club Inc. By-Laws updated and approved by membership on November 14, 2016 and appear in pink Spartan Motorcycle Club Riding Rules 4 THE HAND SIGNAL TO SHIFT TO THE NEXT RIGHT LANE IS: The RC's left hand held in a position signaling a right turn (arm held up, bent at the elbow with forearm vertical) and then raising and curving his arm in an arc pointing over his helmet to the right Club Rules - THE LOST Motorcycle Club. THE LOST Motorcycle Club. You must be at least 16 years old, Preferably 18 or older. There is no exception to this. You must have a chopper. There are four choices of bike's our members can have. The Western Daemon, the Western Bagger, the LCC Hexer or the Western Sovereign

Riding in the Rain or Cold Can Still Be Enjoyable. White Motorcycle Concepts' WMC250EV Aims for New Land Speed Record. Either try to educate this guy about the rules of motorcycling, or. Motorcycle clubs are very diverse and include clubs for veterans, police officers, families and firefighter among others. Quite often, motorcycle clubs adhere to stringent rules established by their clubs and members often attend mandatory meetings and pay dues as well. There is no applicable rule in designing a biker patch. However, there is a. Motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous. The club and its members are not professional riders and are not responsible for the actions or injuries that can occur while riding as a group. The rider brief will remind people of the rules and get any contact info necessary from the riders. Most of all have fun and stay within your limits. Motorcycle Group Riding Safety Tips. Consider the following safety precautions prior to departing on your motorcycle group riding adventure. Conduct a Pre-Ride Meeting. Preparation, before you leave your starting point, will allow the group to understand how to get to your final destination or to any stopping point along the way

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Motorcycle Riding Clubs, Motorycle riding clubs of the United States, a listing of motorcycle riding clubs and looking to expand into a local group of riders who can get together and enjoy some riding. The club has no rules or stipulations, just a love for motorcycles and a respect for others In some cases, even those who are not club members could face some unpleasant surprises for not following the rules. The first key is to know the difference between a riding (or riders') club and a motorcycle club. Typically, a riding club is a loose organization of people who like to ride February 17, 2021 AMA Comments Off on Getting Started In Riding Motorcycling is a fun and exciting way to get across town or across the country. It unlocks the great outdoors, takes you to parts unknown and even lets you grab a great parking spot at work Find someone near you to ride with by browsing our list of the most popular motorcycle clubs, groups or associations located in Wisconsin. 1. Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders. Incorporated as a non-stock corporation in 2005, we are a statewide group of passionate dual sport riding enthusiasts

The purpose of this club is to a) promote motorcycle safety, b) upgrade the image of the motorcyclist, c) to serve as a vehicle to share our common interest, d) to keep abreast of upcoming legislation concerning the motorcyclist, and e) to have a plain old good time Riding Rules Sport Touring Motorcycle Club is a private club. We invite members and non-members to ride with us, as long as they're wearing proper protective gear (full-face helmet, together with riding jacket, pants, boots and gloves), their bike is in good riding condition, they display a mature, non-competitive attitude and they abide by. -SRK Cycles Inventory Click here to see https://www.srkcycles.com/-Want to rent a motorcycle? Check out Riders Share: https://www.riders-share.com/-M1 Moto G.. ATV Track and Trail Rules. No riders under the age of 16 are allowed without a Parent/Guardian. Riders must have a current OHV Decal in plain view on ATV or Motorcycle. UTV models are prohibited on TCP tracks and trails. Park and Ride only in Designated Areas. No riding on the main park roads - For cars and trucks only

The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club (hereafter known as FCRC) is a family orientated Club. We represent motorcycle riding, family, unity, camping, traveling, fun and the camaraderie of the Members. The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization, operating with the sole purpose of promoting good, clean, and safe riding activities What are the rules for riding a motorcycle? Just like any sport or hobby, riding a motorcycle comes with two sets of rules—the written and the unwritten, and it's a lot easier to learn the former than the latter. Unfortunately, there are no classes, guidebooks or seminars on the unwritten laws of riding All Nomads of NRR Established By: Gerti (Secretary Riders club) - June 2006 Chapter Contact Info: norulesriders@gmx.net Chapter City: N o m a d s Chapter State: Chapter Chapter Motto: welcome to the chapter No Rules Riders Nomads Germany RC.....we are over 15 years on the road.....we start 1994 as a ridersclub MF and in the year 2005 we go to the big family.

The Independent Riders is a male riding club for motorcycle enthusiasts. We Choose Quality Over Quantity. (No Law Enforcement Accepted) We are open to all two and three wheeled licensed vehicles regardless of engine size. (must be able to cruise at highway speed) Independent Riders supports children's charities and actively promotes events to. Riding clubs are for those who love to ride, love to share that ride with as many friends as possible (This bodes true for motorcycle clubs as well). Most riding clubs are ones you will see wearing the 1 pc patch. It can be a mixed riding club, meaning male and female can be members, which most of the time this is the case

1. Any club seeking membership must be in compliance with the 80/20 rule. Effective March 1, 2010 all Motorcycle clubs in the State of Georgia must have a minimum of 80% active, riding members with operable motorcycles and no more than 20% non-riding members. All Motorcycle Clubs will meet at the designated location for a bike compliance count University of Oregon Motorcycle Club. The University of Oregon Motorcycle Club is an outlet for motorcycle enthusiasts to express themselves and connect with the community. Contact President: Daniel Mariscal. 541-450-0437. mariscal@uoregon.edu Starting a motorcycle club can be a good way to share your passion for riding with other like-minded individuals and add a sense of adventure to your life. As the president and founding member, you hold all the cards when it comes to making decisions that determine the direction of the club, from crafting your image and recruiting your first. *The Lost Motorcycle Riders is a riding group & not a motorcycle club and has no intention of ever trying to become a motorcycle club. We have a few rules/guidelines to follow: 1. First and foremost,RIDE SAFE! (Be prepared & use common sense to what you wear). 2. As a Member of The Lost Riders you agree to Hold Harmless, The Lost Riders, it's.

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  1. The Lost 202 is a non-territorial, single patch motorcycle riding club based in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area of Minnesota. We ride with any make & model of motorcycle and we welcome both men & women into membership. The Lost 202 Riding Club was founded on January 2, 2005. The ten original founding members had previously been members of.
  2. We are a Valdosta motorcycle riding club called the SCRC Valdosta Chapter 274, located in Valdosta, Georgia and part of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (SCRC).. Valdosta Chapter 274 currently has 60+ Valdosta bikers and is growing every day.. Membership is not required to ride with us. We welcome anyone anytime to come ride and have fun
  3. Bikers RULES. July 22, 2013 ·. Patches. A one-piece patch signifies a family club, riding club, AMA- sanctioned motorcycle club or political action/biker rights organization. Some require little more than filling out an application (which is actually a release of liability) and mailing a check. > > • A two-piece patch signifies a motorcycle.

What Does It Mean To Be An Ol Lady ~Bellend~ In the Motorcycle lifestyle, it is a mans world. It always has and always will be. Being an Ol Lady is a very important role in your Ol Mans life in an MC, RC, Independent, or in a 1% MC. I did not realize ho Welcome to the West Palm Beach Chapter of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, Chapter 456. The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is a Free, Family Oriented Motorcycle Riding Club that uses the Web to communicate and focuses on the Enjoyment and Fellowship of Riding Motorcycles while doing so Safely. The Southern Cruisers is not an Internet club for. Saskatchewan Riding Clubs Association. 901 likes. For 55 years the SRCA has been instrumental in promoting and supporting the horse industry in Saskatchewan 3. Develop By-Laws for Your Club (see Appendix for draft by-laws) Before you begin club activities, you need to draft bylaws as a framework for conducting them. Early on it is advisable to keep them fairly simple and only later to amend them as the club's purposes and needs develop. Writing by-laws for a new club (or making necessary. To defend Club members and Club property from outside threats. To enforce Club rules. To protect and serve the President. Is the only Club Member allowed to break rank while riding to protect the Club. Responsible for storing and maintaining Club paraphernalia (ex, Patches). Road Captain. The executive duties of the road captain are as follows

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  1. 31,321 Posts. #8 · Jul 9, 2009. If you're starting a CLUB and not a GANG, then skip the rockers, and state affiliation. If you're worried about offending anyone, you can always advertize in local newspapers for objections, or in the back of EasyRider, or another motorcycle rag, just to make sure you're not stepping on anyone else's toes
  2. The idea of free riding clubs seems to be catching on. The group I ride with, Iron Horses Riding Club, was founded on a similar idea. We had all been members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, when we discovered that there were too many rules, too much bureacracy, and not very many people wanting to ride
  3. The Basic RiderCourse teaches the basic mental and physical skills needed for riding. In some states, this course provides a waiver of the written and/or riding licensing tests. Pre-requisites: Able to balance and ride a bicycle. Possess either a driver's license or motorcycle learner's permit
  4. Get your club featured on this exclusive list! The Law Abiding Biker Clubs that are listed here have taken action in getting involved to better the entire Law Abiding Biker Community. They recognize we are the motorcycling majority (MM) and the 99% ers out on the road. They stepped up to the plate and did an interview on the Law Abiding Biker.
  5. According to his club (B.S. lie of supposed safety rules no one riding in a pack can have passenger riders! Bull. Supposedly last bad accident, a wife was passenger, and accident happened. I'm educated, have a degree in psychology & working on more degrees/goals. Life in a motorcycle club, be it 1%er, MC, mom and pop.

About Us. The Latin American Motorcycle Association (L.A.M.A) was founded in 1977 in Chicago's notorious Humboldt Park neighborhood. From it's inception L.A.M.A. was intended as a Moto-Touring club with truly Democratic ideas. A lone chapter until the first chapter was started in Miami in 1995, L.A.M.A became a National Association when the. Utah MotoTrials (UMTA) By-laws and Rules. 2021 edition Overview - In Observed Trials, motorcycle competitors ride through a number of marked sections over difficult terrain while being observed by a scorer and are penalized points for any loss of balance which requires support. Riders ride slowly, one at a time, over terrain that is matched to their skill level, and the rider with the fewest. Road Captain: a person who devises group riding rules or guidelines for a club or chapter of a motorcycling organization, who communicates these guidelines to the club, and who generally plans and lays out group rides. The Road Captain may or may not ride lead for a particular ride

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Motorcycle club members don't just enjoy mutual companionship, but a strong sense of brotherhood. A fellow member isn't just someone you ride with, but someone you can really count on, whether you're riding or not. Patch. A full-patched member wears a three-piece patch. This includes a top rocket, a center patch, and a bottom rocker 2. To lead the club in formation or riding. 3. To stimulate interest in activities. 4. To assist in handling club socials, parties, and charitable functions. 5. To enforce all rules of group riding. 6. To select assistants to aid in special tasks. ARTICLE 10 a. The duties of the treasurer shall be: 1. To collect dues from all members. 2 3)Safe riding procedures shall be practiced at all times. Riders who do not comply with safety rules will be reprimanded through warnings, and further failure to comply will be grounds to suspend his privilege to join future club rides, especially if his riding style is found to be hazardous to other members Motorcycle laws in Florida cover a range of topics including helmet requirements, bike requirements, and rules for using the road. Florida motorcyclists must carry insurance and follow traffic laws. Florida motorcycle laws come from state laws. They apply to all motorcyclists in the State of Florida To lead the Club in formation riding or parades. To arouse interest in activities. To assist in handling Club socials, parties and other functions. To enforce all rules of group riding. To select assistants to aid in special tasks. To act as Custodian of Club property. Article 9 The duties of the Executive Board shall be

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Motorcycle Group Riding Tips and Best Practices. Added April 27, 2020 One of the greatest joys of motorcycling is riding with friends. But riding in a group presents special challenges - whether your group consists of two riders, a dozen, or more. Group riding connects us in a way that solo riding can't.. Whenever taking to the road safety is often at the forefront on riders mind, maybe even more so when riding in a group. Staying together on a long ride can be challenging when maneuvering through city streets and intersections. One solution motorcyclists have found to be helpful is 'blocking.' However, this technique is actually not legal. The way this works is a 'blocker' is designated. What we don't allow, Reckless or dangerous riding, members who simply fail to turn up for events they have booked, abuse of fellow members or threatening behaviour of any kind, stunts, wheelies, stoppies or anything which may be considered as illegal on the road. These rules form the terms and conditions of London Motorcycle Riders Club

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motorcycle accident waiver, release of all liability and assignment of claims As consideration for being allowed to participate in the event(s) described below I agree: I acknowledge that motorcycle activity is a potentially hazardous activity which can be a test of a person's physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for. The Brotherhood of Freedom Riding Club, Inc. provides an open and friendly atmosphere for all riders, that provides a safe, fun and enjoyable riding experience and creates a diverse riding club where everyone is excited about the riding experience, as well as creating new, long-lasting friendships N2 provides a structured riding environment for sport-bike riders of all levels promoting motorcycle safety through instruction on a closed course racetrack. Our instructors and coaching staff are comprised of club-racers (CCS/WERA), professional AMA/MotoAmerica roadracers, and experienced track day riders who are articulate and passionate. VBMC is Not An Outlaw or 1% club. We are Not a Support Club for Any Outlaw Or 1% Club. We do Not negotiate with any domestic terrorist type organizations. VBMC claims No territory. VBMC is Not an association, foundation or riding club. VBMC is an Independent Motorcycle Club (MC) with our own set of rules and protocols Jokers Wild Motorcycle Riding Club. Rules / Guidelines for Riding in a Group. Priority - Safety First. NOTE: The following are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of importance. A link to the PDF version of this document can be found at the bottom of this page

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Oregon's official motorcycle safety program. Learn to ride and get your motorcycle endorsement in a Team Oregon Basic (BRT) or Intermediate (IRT) Rider Training course, build your skills in an advanced course. Training for all levels of experience and riding ability There are motorcycle riding clubs(RC) such as HOGS, Legion Riders, and Christen Riders Association, etc. that have patches they have bought or were given. They can wear these patches in accordance with the rules of the RC. There are riding clubs that are in between and respected by RC and MC such as the 501c3 BACA the follows MC protocols


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Laws that Apply to Drivers Also Apply to Motorcycle Operators. It is important for all motorcycle operators to understand that Tennessee considers a motorcycle to be the same as a standard four-wheel vehicle. This means all rules and traffic laws that apply to cars, trucks and vans also apply to motorcycle operators when interacting in traffic. All Marine motorcycle riders will attend mandatory follow-on Level II motorcycle training within 120 days of completion of Level I course (dependent on the local riding season). Refresher Training . Commanders will ensure motorcycle riders receive refresher training/continuing education (Level II or III) every three (3) years Colors are the insignia, or patches, worn by motorcycle club members on cut-off vests to identify membership of their club and territorial location. Club patches have been worn by many different groups since the 1960s. They are regarded by many to symbolize an elite amongst motorcyclists and the style has been widely copied by other subcultures and commercialized Road captain is the name for the rider who coordinates a multiple-bike ride. Road captain can refer to both the leader and the sweepers who, among their other duties, check that other riders are safe. Working as part of a team, the road captain is responsible for the safety of the riders and the smooth running of the.

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The Defenders Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a Not for Profit corporation by the laws of the State of Florida, Florida State Statutes Chapter 617. ARTICLE 2: PHILOSOPHY and HISTORY The Defenders Motorcycle Club, Inc. (DMC) was founded in June 2004 as an independent, non-profit, male social club. It was established to provide the opportunit You do not just start your own outlaw MC. That's not how things work. If you insist and just throw a back patch on. You will be checked. Forced to remove your cut, your cut probably taken from you, by whatever means is necessary. Doesn't matter ho.. Post Enduro Association (aka the PEA) is a family oriented, not for profit, off-road motorcycle and ATV club. We lease approximately 24,000 acres in Briscoe and Hall counties in the Texas Panhandle. We promote and encourage the sport of off-road riding through club membership and the hosting of the Caprock Canyon Enduro and Turkey Memorial. Giving your club a good name would bring more members, as well as help gain a reputation amongst other motorcycle clubs in the neighborhood. Rules for Naming Motorcycle Organizations! Good bike names have a very high competition and you require a perfect name to stand out from others. Follow these tips From rallies and charity rides to promoting motorcycle safety, Ontario motorcycle clubs are the heart and soul of Canadian motorcycle culture. To get a sense of the diversity of events—there's something for everybody—check out our regularly updated complete list of Motorocycle events in Ontario