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double process color / corrective color Double Process Color/ High-Lift Blonding [Virgin Application] Bleach process applied to achieve a high-lift blonde result If your hair has previously been colored, it is harder to work through the amount of warmth that will surface, making this possibly a double, triple or multiple-session process. However, once your hair has been successfully decolorized, it will remain that way, meaning it won't gradually get darker

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• Double process retouch $100 • Glaze as part of color service $25 • Glaze without color service $50 • *** The only exception to these prices is if your hair is exceptionally thick and long and requires multiple full tubes of color Single Process touch up / $135 Single Process all over / $190 Half Highlight / $240 Full Highlight / $275 Hairpainting / $295 Double Process Retouch /$255 Virgin Double Process / consult only *** full color menu in booking link. texture. Keratin / $350+ Permanent Wave / $400. styling

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DOUBLE PROCESS RETOUCH: $350 TINT BACK: $250 BASE BREAK: $160 *EXPRESS SINGLE PROCESS: $75 *GLOSS: $100 CREATIVE/CORRECTION: $165/hour based on Consultation, Double Process Virgin, Creative, or Corrective Natural Hair Styling Specialist: Malcolm LOCS: $300 2 STRAND TWIST: $200 COIL TWIST: $200 SEW-IN WEAVE: $120 Double Process - Retouch $115. Color Retouch and Haircut $170. Color (Full) and Haircut $190. Partial Foil and Haircut $220. Partial Balayage and Haircut $220. Full Foil and Haircut $250. Full Balayage and Haircut $250. Double Process Retouch and Haircut $190. Deep Conditioner Add On $25 Single Process Retouch. $80-130. Demi-gloss (tone refresh) $70-90. Double Process Retouch. $135-200. 1/4 Head Highlight. $120-180. 1/2 Head Highlight * Double Process . Upon consultation * Double Process Retouch. $100+ Fashion Colors. Upon consultation. Color Correction: Upon consultation (Color Services do not include haircut & style or blow dry style) (* Prices may be higher due to length or density of hair) Visit us on Wedding Wire & The Knot Kaur has a stylist to meet your needs. We encourage all new guests to contact us so we can identify a stylist best suited for your needs. You may also explore our online Stylist Directory. All our stylists undergo education and evaluation before moving to the next level. Service packages & gift certificates are available, please speak to a Kaur.

Double Process Blonding Retouch. Visit our salon and day spa to get your hair retouched with a double blonde platinum treatment that recharges your look and illuminates your appearance. The bleaching solution is applied to regrowth only. Semi-Permanent Color Single Process (Root Retouch): $200. Partial Highlight / Balayage: $300. Full Highlight / Balayage: $400. Double Process (Bleach Root Retouch): $350. Post-Color Blow-Out: $40. Olapex: $45 *Clients from 2017 and earlier may have special pricing. S t y l i n g . Kristen . Haircut: $150. Blow Dry: $85 *Clients from 2019 and earlier may have.

Double Process ReTouch. Bleach and Tone ReTouch. Level 1 $140+ -Lead $180+ :2.5-3hours Level 1 $250+ - Lead $300+ :3-5hours Double Process /Foil Card. All Over Blonde and Tone. Level 1 $250+ - Lead $300+ :3-5hours Level 1 $120+ - Lead $150 :2-3hours. DOUBLE PROCESS BLEACH RETOUCH. $77+ This appointment is only booked if the guest has already had a double process/global lightning service done and needs to retouch the roots after four weeks. LIVED IN COLOR. $171+ A very dimensional look with the lowest maintenance possible. This look can be very natural or extremely contrasting, but either. Color Services. Single process retouch $55-80+. Double process retouch $150-250+. Double process, full head - Consultation needed. Gloss $50+. Highlights $165-250+. Mens camo colo $50+. Creative, special effects, color correction, extensions - Consultation needed. All hair services vary due to length, density, and your stylist Single Process Color Change $75 to $110: Single Process Retouch $65 to $90: Double Process Virgin Color: $85 to $125: Double Process Retouch $65 to $10

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  1. Single Process Root Touchup: $80; Double Process Retouch: $100; Single Process Color: $120 ; Double Process Color: $250; Full foil highlights: $250; Half foil highlights: $200; Balayage: $250; Add-Ons. Olaplex Standalone Treatment: $50; Olaplex Added to Color or Lightener: $30; Olaplex No. 8 Mask: $25 @Totes_Salo
  2. Double Process Retouch-Bleach and tone roots area only $110. Glossifying- Following the chemical lightening process to create the perfect customized tone and add intense shine $20. Corrective Color- An extreme color change or any and all color services needed to correct and complete the desired look. Charged in half-hour increments
  3. During a double-process retouch, lightener is applied to the new growth only. A. true: Term. The level system that identifies the lightness or darkness of hair colors includes 11 levels, numbered 1 to 11. A. False: Definition. The law of color states that only three colors-yellow, red and green are pure colors
  4. Half balayage $175+. Full balayage $200+. Face frame highlight $100+. Double process $300+. Double process retouch $250+. Gloss $45+. Color correction upon consultation. . All color services include a blow dry
  5. Double Process Retouch (hair that has not been colored for 8 weeks or less): $160-$300. Full Head Hilight: $200-$400. Partial Head Hilight: $180-$300. Ombre: $220-$500. Creative Color: $220-$500 (additional cost per color) Shadow Root: $90-$120. One Streak Fashion Color: $80 per color. Color Add-ons
  6. Double Process Retouch $350. Keratin Hairline $175. Keratin Full Head $375. Common Good NYC . 116 E. 7th St. NY, NY 10009 . p: 917 472 7714. e: hello@commongoodnyc.com
  7. Double-Process Retouch Men's Color Toner Partial Highlight Highlight Balayage Ombré Men's Highlight Petite Keratin Treatment: $40 $28 $70+ $55+ $65+ $75+ $42+ 30+ $70+ $95+ $115+ $125+ $48+ $45+ Split-End Treatment Add to any Color Service to prevent damage or breakage, improve the overall integrity of the hair while prolonging color retention.

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  1. Bleach retouch of roots with 1/2 of new growth or less. Double process color application. Includes pre-lightening and fashion color. Consultation Required Consultation Required Color Corrections. Corrective service to fix hair color. Priced at an hourly rate..
  2. Level IV. $400. -. $500. a 4 hr double process retouch using foils on over 2 of regrowth on solid blonde, or hair that is not yet blonde & longer than 6. Consultation & deposit req. prior. corrective color. a significant change of hair color on previously colored hair. Consultation & deposit req. prior
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  4. Retouch (double-process): Regrowth is more than 1/2 an inch $132 & up The double-application process retouch is similar to the single-process retouch, except that we use the double-process when either the colored roots don't completely match up to the rest of your hair from the first application, when your roots are longer than 1 inch (2.5 cm.
  5. Retouch Color : $59 and up: Virgin Color : $74 and up: Balayage : $119 and up: Cap Highlights : $75 and up: Double Process Retouch : $99 and up: Double Process Virgin : $129 and up: Full Foil : $91 and up: Full Dimensional Foil : $101 and up: Individual Foils : $10: Ombre : $119 and up: Partial Foil : $61 and up: Partial Dimensional Foil : $71.

There is an innumerable amount of articles and tutorials teaching parts and pieces of retouching portraits. However, finding the ones with quality techniques and information can take days retouch 1 inch double process bleach lift . $100 and up all over short hair lift bleach process . $100 and up all over double bleach process short hair. $200 and up all overt double process long hair . $270 and up color pkg $99. Color Pkg. $99 Extensions . RE Tap . $45 Tap In. $100 Perm Keratin . Perm Keratin. $14 Double Process Retouch 350+ Bridal services and prices available upon consultation. 407 BrooMe street new york, ny 10013 646.918.7 837 monday 11-7 tuesday 10-10 wednesday 10-10 thursday 10-10 friday 11-9 saturday 10-8 sunday 10-6 early appointments available upon request. Double-process Color $85. Double-process Retouch $75. Full Highlight $70. Partial Highlight $40. Toner $20. Double Process $200; Senior Colorist. Single Process Retouch: $95; Partial Highlight: $185; Full Highlight: $250; Double Process: $175; Junior Colorist. Junior Colorist; Single Process Retouch: $85; Partial Highlight: $160; Full Highlight: $200; Double Process: $150; Face Frame Highlights: $100 Color Gloss refresher with Single Process $20-$55.

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Double Process Retouch 230+ Bridal Trial $195+ Bridal Day Of In Salon $215+ Bridal Day Of On Location Upon Consultation Bridal Package Upon Consultation. Complimentary consultation required for all Bridal Services. 407 BrooMe street new york, ny 10013. Double Process Retouch. 3 hours 30 minutes @ $175.00 Virgin Double Process (All Over) 4 hours @ $375.00 Corrective Color. 5 hours 30 minutes. Perm. 3 hours @ $250.00 Blow Out (Styling) 1 hour @ $50.00 Deep Conditioning Treatment (includes Blow Dry) 1 hour @ $65.0 Single Process Retouch . . . . . . . . . . . . $85+ Single Process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $105+ Double Process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $185

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Double Process Color double process only more $110.00+ 1h:15min. Book Flat Iron shampoo and flat iron more $65.00+ 1h:30min. Book Permanent Color color only Relaxer Retouch Women's Trim . Silk Press Women's. Double process: $160+ Half foil highlight + ladies cut: $155+ Single process retouch + ladies cut: $125+ Single process retouch: $75+ Single process root-end: $85+ Men's color: $45+ Glossing/toner:$50+ Glossing toner add on:$25 All Double Process Blondes & Vivids include Olaplex. Please complete an online consultation form for all color services. Consultation forms can be found under the Dreadlock section. Single Process Retouch & Full Head. $80 per hour (avg 2.5 hours) Double Process Blondes (Retouch, Full Head, Highlights & Balayage) $100 per hour (avg 3-4 hours Single Process Retouch. Single Process Color. Ammonia-Free Retouch. Ammonia-Free Color. Double Process Partial Highlights Full Highlights Partial Balayag double process blonde retouch 115+ root shadow add 25. toner refresher 60. base bump 55. adding depth back into blonde - custom olaplex treatment with color 20 *single toner/glaze included in balayage pricin

Double Process Retouch Starting at $90.00 Double Process Pull Through Starting at $90.00 Glaze. 6 reviews. Starting at $40.00 Men's Reshade $35.00 Single Process Face Frame Foil Starting at $115.00 Single Process Partial Foil. Base Retouch Your stylist applies a single color to your root area where the natural hair growth starts, this is the only place color is applied. Retouch and Colorance / gloss balance Double Process. Refers to anytime two color services are done in one visit. Generally, this is done by doing the.

double process & a double process retouch. Can't wait for when I can do hair on real people! • • • #doubleprocess #retouch #beauty #beautybloggers #cosmetology #cosmetologystudent #hairstyles #hair #colo Color retouch. $ 55+ $ 100+ Full single head process. $ 100+ $ 30+ Glaze. Clear or custom mixed to enhance richness + shine in hair color or alter the tone after blonding services. Double process. $ 230+ $ 150+ Platinum retouch. $ 150+ Creative Color. Face Framing Highlight.. Hair Color (Single Process - Permanent or Demi) $30: Hair Color Retouch: $20: Semi Color / Glaze: $10: Full Highlights (Cap, Foils, Balayage) $35: Partial Highlights: $15: Color and Highlights (Both) $50: Toner / Vivid Colors: extra $10: Color Removal: $10: Corrective Color: $50: Double Process Color (Lightener & Toner) $35: Double Process. A single process retouch application with permanent or demi-permanent color. Excludes fashion colors. 95 - 115+ 55 - 75+ GLOSS/TONER. A sheer deposit of demi or semi-permanent color to tone unwanted warmth, refresh faded color, and add shine. Double process color application. Includes pre-lightening and fashion color Singel Process Retouch $105+ Double Process $300+ Double Process Retouch $180+ Partial Highlight $135+ Half-Head Highlight or Balayage $180+ Full-Head Highlight or Balayage $245+ ADDITIONAL SERVICES. Keratin Treatment $300+ Blowout $65+ Olaplex $40+ Wedding Styling . price upon consultation

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  1. You can use the tools covered in this class to retouch scanned negatives as well as scanned or digital photographs. 3. Non-Destructive Retouching Workflow: Before we dive into Photoshop and start exploring different tools for restoring and manipulating images, let's talk about workflow. Much has changed in Photoshop over the years
  2. double-process blonding initial application $150: retouch within 4 weeks $120: highlights / low lights full head $125: partial $85: balayage $150: perms & styling full head $150: partial head $85: american wave by Arrojo $150: hair extension
  3. Conditioning Treatment. (added to any cut or color service) $ 30 and up. $ 110 and up. Double Process Retouch. $ 110 and up. $ 165 and up. Double Process - Scalp to Ends. $ 165 and up
  4. Blonding / Lightening Retouch - Double Process. $210+ Contact Us. Cancellation Policy. Cancellations accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled service. Within 24 hours of the service, cancellations will be charged 50% of the scheduled cost. M A N E L A N D. 1528 Queen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  5. aire Salon, we know that how you look affects how you feel. And how you feel affects almost everything else in your life. That's why our insightful, experienced artists work with you to help you achieve the look that you want on the outside, releasing your inner beauty and confidence
  6. Haircut Adult Cut Bangs or Beard Trim Buzz Cut Kids Cut Styled Cut Perm Perm & Cut & Set or Style Quick & Easy Cut & Perm Relaxer Retouch Specialty or Spiral Perm & Cut Color Add Toner to any Service Additional Color or Toner Bowl Area Highlights (up to 7 Foil ) & Style Area Highlights (up to 7 Foils) Double Process & Style Brillant Double Process Partial Highlight Package Brilliant.

Services Offered. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK BETWEEN 3:00PM - 6:30PM. If you do not see your desired appointment time? No worries. We only allow a certain amount of appointments to be placed online Schedule your appointment online Cassandra Olivia. **Please Read** Booked Until July 2021. Booking Opens Once a Month. Please Sign up HERE to be notified via email for availability and last minute cancellations (click the word HERE Scroll. safe, Smart & good looking. Thank you Austin for voting Method Hair as the 2021 best hair salon. We are forever grateful for the continued love & support we receive from all of you. We've been keeping Austin smart & good looking for 14 years now - and here's to many more! WE LOVE YOU. Come see us & let us show you why we're the best

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Double Process Retouch. Double process includes bleach & toner . Price: $95.00+ Duration: 120; minSelect. A revolutionary treatment that restores the hair fiber, repairs damage, protects the hair against future damage and lasts up to 12 washes! Unlike any other treatment available. Blowout NOT included, blowout with b3 add $25 Double Process Virgin Color: $85 to $125: Double Process Retouch $65 to $100: Foil Highlights or Lowlights: Partial Head Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment for Blonde Hair: love the brow color to match my hair and the glass of prosecco while my hair processed was great! I will be back First step of double-process haircoloring, used to lift or. Are you paying or are you charging? The fair answer is HOW MUCH EDUCATION DO/DOES YOU/SHE HAVE? Hair density, quality of products used, amount of product used, salon commission/booth rental fee. Some stylists like myself base fee services off of.. Single Process Retouch: Double Process Color Retouch: Full Highlights: Partial Highlights: Drive Thru Color: Express Color: Olaplex Add On: Corrective Color: (Priced upon consultation) $55 - $75 . $35 - $45 . From $90+ $60 to $75 . $115 to $160 . $90 to $125+ $75 to $100+ $35 . $40-45 . $25 per Bowl

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Double-process: A double-process color refers to anytime two color services are done in one visit. Generally this is done by doing the first color service, washing and drying the hair, then doing the second color. This can include lightening the hair then applying a toner,. Color retouch; Foil highlights; Balayage; Double process partial (color & partial highlights) Double process full (color & full hilite) Color correction (price upon consultation) Perm/relaxers; Long hair perm; 74-86+ 110-125+ 185 and up; 120-135+ 140-155+ 90-105+ 120 & u Single Process All Over - $80 Single Process Retouch - $70 Double Process - $170 and up. HIGHLIGHTS / LOWLIGHTS. Crown Foil - $95. up to 20 foils. Half Foil - $120. 21-40 foils. Full Foil - $150. 40+ foils. Balayage/Ombre - $185-$240 Color Correction - $160-$250 (average price) by consultation

Single Process Retouch : From $53.00 : Double Process: Quoted Upon Consultation: Corrective Hair Color. Quoted Upon Consultation: Brow Tint: From $15.00 [Complimentary With Color] Curl Enhancement: Spiral Wave: Quoted Upon Consultation: Full Head Wave: From $80.00: Partial Head Wave: From $65.00: Relaxe Protégé Associate Lead Master; Single Process: Retouch: $55+ $70+ $80+ $95+ Full Color: $75+ $90+ $100+ $115+ Double Process: $130+ $160+ $180+ $210+ Highlights: All Highlight & Babylight Services Include Gloss/Tone Salon Dolce. 920 E Hoerner Ave suite 109, Spokane, WA 99218, US. (509) 467-8219 Retouch $55+ Retouch more than 2 inches $65+ Retouch and pull color through to ends $75+ Double Process. Remove pigment & add new, exciting color $135+ Highlights. Up to 10 Foils $40. 10-15 Foils $50. 15-20 Foils $60. 20 Foils or more $75+ Multi-dimensional with highlights $135-$150 . Texture/Waves/Relaxer

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Located in charming downtown Kirkland, Ashlei Peyton Salon will make you feel right at home. Whether you are a long time client or coming in for your first visit, you can expect to leave feeling and looking better than when you arrived Freya is a Deva Curl and Green Circle certified salon. LEARN MORE. 414.747.9712. FreyaSalonDesk@gmail.com. 2318 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207. By Appointment Only Monday - Friday - 10am - 8pm. Sat, Sun - 9am to 5pm. *24 hours notice is required for all cancellations CPC can be a good option to retouch the images which require body shaping, face slimming, or work with the body curve. Body shaping editing services also include the make a thin waist, re-shape double chin, extend the legs, dodge and burn effect, etc. Please keep faith in us for any retouching jobs

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Single Process Color Retouch $95-$120 Refresh (regrowth & ends) $110-$135 Double Process Color Retouch $140-$180 (must be 6 weeks or less betwixt touch-up) Virgin Double Process $280-$350 (requires consultation) Foil Highlighting Face-Framing Mini Foil $130-$175 (12 foils or less) Partial Foil Highlighting $165-$220 (temples and top Retouch Cut: $120+ This is an all-over single color service from root to end. This service includes a cut, blowout style and finishing touch. Retouch Highlight: $170+ This is a double process utilizing two colors highlighting and/or low lighting * Color Retouch 73.30 * Color Retouch with Blow Dry 99.48 * Custom Color 109.95 * Custom Color, Creative 157.07 * Face frame double process 78.53 * Face frame single process 68.06 * Full double process 178.0 Description. MELVIRA'S HAIR STUDIO is an intimate hair salon that provides a variety of beauty services with a strong focus on natural hair. MHS is dedicated to.

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Now, it is time to retouch to remove blemishes and scratches. 8. Take Graduated Adjustment tool and manage it carefully for retouching. 9. Use Heal brush from Spot Removal (Q). It works almost as like the Clone Tool of Photoshop. Keep opacity 100% and click on the good portion of the photo and drag on the spot or scratch area Double-Process $85 & up Double Process Color Retouch $80 & up. Color Highlights Cap $65 & up. Foil $75 & up. Partial $45 & up. Corrective Color. Service begins with an in-depth consultation. I can correct most at-home color mistakes. May require more than one visit to achieve results. Conditioning treatments are not included The Filmbook Cosmetology app gives you classes on solid haircolor, retouch haircolor, double process haircolor (always popular), and retouching double process haircolor. You can learn dimensional haircolor, multidimensional haircolor (highlights and low lights), color-fill and color-back, and balayage

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Red Ginger is now one of the leading salons and competitors in the ever growing and competitive industry. The salon's specialties include, hair extensions (weaves, customized wig making etc), classic and modern hair cutting, color expertise and corrective treatments. Red Ginger is now the choice for brides across the country because of our. Full Color Process . At this point, you can probably guess what a double process color is—two coloring services done in a single visit to achieve your desired outcome. Price : $75. Root Retouch. Roots, disappear in as little as five minutes with our ready to use, permanent formula that seamlessly matches leading hair color shades. Price : $50. 20 years of experience. The spa offers a wide range of professional services, such as hair design, styling and treatments. We excel in offering the latest treatments for your hair and waxing services. We have over 20 years of experience taking care of our clients hair, making them feel gorgeous and empowered. The habitué clients will come to a. Tablet and Pen are a retoucher's most used physical tools, bridging the connection from our world into the bits and digits. Spending so many hours handling the pen and scratching tablet surfaces makes us think twice about how we set things up to reduce fatigue and at the same time increase efficiency. After all, time is money and our health is our most precious asset

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All Beauty BAE Salon + Spa individuals are responsible for their own schedule, booking, hours, pricing, etc. Please contact each individually for additional information Single Process Color Retouch & Style. $100 and up Double Process Color & Style. $150 and up Double Process Color Retouch & Style . $130 and up Partial Highlights & Style. $90 and up Full Highlights & Style . $120 and up Olaplex(Color add-on)/Olaplex Treatment. $20 to $30 Relaxer Services Double-Process Retouch $80 & up Virgin $110 & up. Partial Highlights (up to 12 foils) Retouch $55 & up Virgin $75 & up. Full Highlights Retouch $80 & up Virgin $120 & up. Balayage Retouch $90 & up Virgin $140 & up. Book Color Service Now. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates

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Trios Aveda Salon is an Aveda concept salon located in Ft. Collins, CO. We offer full Aveda salon services such as hair cuts, color, highlights, styling and waxing and Aveda spa services such as body treatments, massage, makeup, manicure and pedicures. Salon and Spa gift certificates available in-store, by phone and online Double-Process Bleach Retouch. starts at $160+ $ 80 Man's All Over Bleach (Short Hair) $ 80 $ 55 Bleach Wash $ 55 SPECIALTY SERVICES. starts at $175+ Balayage. starts at $175+. Double Process 100.00 & up Retouch 80.00 & u Double Process Color . $80 and Up. Full Head Highlights . $150 and Up. Balayage . $200 additional. Balayage retouch. $220 additional. Bleach & Tone. $150 additional. Gloss/Toner . $35 and Up. Shadow Root. $50 and Up. Color correction. $85 and Up. Face frame. $60 and Up. Men's color. $40 and Up. Hairstyle. $65 and Up

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Single Process Color - $85.00 + Full Foil Highlight - $180.00 + — with root retouch - $220.00 + Partial Foil Highlight - $140.00 + — with Root Retouch - $180.00 + Services that require a consultation. Double Process, Balayage, Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment, Extensions and various other requested processes Post Processing Using Capture NX-D (for Nikon RAW Shooters) Capture NX-D is a non-destructive RAW image processing application that utilizes a new sidecar system to save adjustments. Once the .NEF or .NRW file is processed, it can then be moved to other imaging applications in a 16-bit TIFF format with a single click of the mouse

Retouch / Single Process. Gloss. Double Process. Highlights. Partial Highlights. Balayage. Patrial Balayage. Corrective Color. $60 - $125 + $30 + $150 - $300. $136 - $350. $87 - $250. $201 - $350 + $126 - $250 + By Consultation. Color. Treatment. Olaplex. Kerastase KWater. Kerastase Fusio Dose. Luxury Steam Treatment. Brazilian. Double Process Retouch Starting at $90.00; Double Process Pull Through Starting at $90.00; Glaze Starting at $40.00; Men's Reshade $35.00 Single Process + Face Frame Foil Starting at $115.00; Single Process + Partial Foil Starting at $140.00; Single Process + Full Foil.

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Double Process Color Retouch. This service is for clients that have new growth 4-6 weeks from original service date. A double process retouch includes lightening and color application at the root area. Any regrowth longer than 1-2 inches will need to book a double process color application. $60 · 30 minute Color Retouch $90 and up. Color Retouch & Haircut $135 and up. Color Full: $110 and up: Color Full & Haircut: $155 and up: Double Process Color $130 and up. Double Process Color & Haircut $175 and up. Partial Highlight $120 and up. Partial Highlight & Haircut $165 and up. Partial Highlight & Color $155 and up Add 10 highlights to any retouch or all over color. BALAYAGE. $200+ Hair painting to create a natural look. COLOR SPECIALTIES. $200+ Fashion color, retouch + highlight, any double process color. COLOR CORRECTION. Consultation Only. SERVICES. CUTS. SHORT. $37+ Chin length and above. MID-LENGTH. $50+ Chin length to mid back. LONG. $65+ Mid back. single process- 85 double process- 125+ partial highlight-85 full highlight-115 full balayage highlight- 135 partial balayage highlight- 110 partial babylight-110 full babylight- 155 new growth single process retouch-70 (4-8weeks) new growth double process-95 (4-8weeks) toner-45 deep condition-25 brazilian blowout- 250 color correction- price. Studio Luma: Scenarios for Salon-Ready Professionals is a DVD Series that follows main characters Silvie, Brad, Viv, Alice and Maya as they perform cutting, coloring, and chemical texture services on clients while problem solving challenges and striving for success. It was designed to give students a glimpse into their future, allowing them to.

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Top panel Retouch: $40.00+ Hilight w/color: $24.00+ Accent Foils (10 foils or less) $7.00per: Double Process: $70.00+ Color Glossing (tone or shine) $52.00+ Color Glossing (additional w/color) $25.00+ Corrective Color: upon consultation: Prices may vary due to level of stylist, length and texture of hair All Over Color - starting at $110. All Over Color Root Retouch - starting at $85. Retouch and Repair - starting at $110. Full Foil - starting at $175. Partial Foil - starting at $120. Custom Color - starting at $150. Double Process Color - starting at $155. Balayage - starting at $155. Shampoo & Style - $45 Studio 13 uses Joico Vero Color infused with K-Pak Protein for its strengthening & conditioning properties. Your stylist will perform a complete hair analysis for its personalized formulation, and as always finishes with the Chemical enhancer, which will stop oxidation & seal in your color. High/Low Lights With proper color choices & placement. Double Process Color- Retouch. $200+ depending on hair length and density AKA: Bleach & Tone $200 · 2 hour Services Shampoos & Styles Shampoo Only 2.00 Shampoo and Style (Rollers and Short Hair Blow Out) 8.00 Blow Out - Long Hair 10.00 Blow Out with Curls OR Flat Iron 15.00 Curls OR Flat Iron Only (clean, dry hair) 10.00 Blow Out with Flat Iron AND Curls or Silk Press 20.00 Curls AND Flat Iron only (clean,dry hair) 15.00 Scalp Treatments Scalp Treatment (Style not included) 7.0