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Free Shipping On eBa Mounts on top of the sturdy 72 inch tall sectional pole, included. Some assembly required. Rugged blue recycled plastic. 6 x 5-1/2 x 12-1/2 inches. 1-1/2 inch entry hole with Noel Guard predator guard. Protect your nesting bluebirds from cats, raccoons & others. Keep out unwanted critters with the sharp-edged Noel Guard JCs Wildlife Ultimate Bluebird House with Universal Mounting Pole Kit - Garden Birdhouse and Pole Combo (Blue and Gray) 4.8 out of 5 stars 250. $117.99 $ 117. 99. (Nest Box + Pole Package & Baffle, Blue/Blue) 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. $148.00 $ 148. 00. FREE Shipping. Only 7 left in stock - order soon

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Squirrel Baffle Wrap Guard, 16 Inch Squirrel Proof Baffle for Bird Feeder, Easy to Install Wrap Little Animal Baffle Protect Hanging Bird Feeders, Bird Houses & Poles from Squirrels, Rodents 2.5 out of 5 stars 2 Ron Kingston 8″ by 24″ stovepipe baffle. Every pole supporting a bird house should have a predator baffle on it. Otherwise, pole-climbing predators, such as snakes, raccoons or squirrels can make an easy meal of your birds, their eggs, or their young nestlings. Below are plans for making an effective baffle Bluebird houses are mounted on poles rather than in trees to make them more attractive to bluebirds than to other types of birds. Once installed, you'll need to take steps to protect the little guys from predators like cats, snakes and raccoons. A baffle is an effective solution you place below a bluebird house on a pole They have a wonderful chalet bluebird box that is attractive, and they sell predator guards, at least the baffle below the box on a pole system. You don't mention what state you live in. I suggest strongly contacting your state bluebird society to get more help on all this Ideally, put your bluebird nest box on a pole. Since snakes are great climbers (which we learned the hard way), you will need snake guards. We found a cone baffle system worked best. We have 2 cones on top of each other and Dale greases the pole with vaseline

Build a Bluebird Trail on your property with the Audubon Cedar Bluebird House Package with Pole Kit! This package includes 2 Audubon Cedar Bluebird Houses, 2 Heavy-Duty 5-Piece Bluebird House Pole Sets w/Ground Socket, 2 Bluebird House Mounts, and 2 Portal Protectors 1-9/16. North American Bluebird Society Approved Make the tabs about 1.5 wide, and bend them up to nail to pole/box. The blocks might be better as they will make the baffle wobbly, which is harder to climb. Include a hole (with tabs if desired) in the center that will be big enough for your post: 5 hole fits 4 diameter post. 6 hole fits 5 diameter post A wobbling PVC baffle will deter many climbing mammals, but an 8 metal stovepipe baffle topped with hardware cloth will deter both climbing mammals and snakes. If you mount a nestbox on a tree, large wooden post, fence or telephone pole with no guard, be prepared to lose adults, eggs and nestlings to raccoons, snakes or cats Best Snake Baffle for Bird Houses. However, this will require some knowledge of metal working in order to create the snake baffle. Try Coating the Pole With Petroleum Jelly: There is a lot of debate about this one as to whether or not it really actually works. Some swear by it, while others claim it does not work. especially bluebirds. Monitoring nest boxes is a must if we want to help bluebirds and other native cavity-nesting birds. There are just too many issues that will go against them succeeding in fledging young. I also learned that an average of about 50% of fledged baby bluebirds live to be a year old. If you ask me, we cannot have too many bluebirds

The Noel Guard comes inside the birdhouse and installs easily with a screwdriver. Some assembly required. Mounts on top of the 72 inch tall sectional pole, included. Rugged brown and green recycled plastic with ventilation and drainage. 6 x 6-3/4 x 12-1/4 inches tall. 1-1/2 inch entry hole with Noel Guard predator guard (adapter piece made above) on the pole from the top so the threaded end is up and the flat wider part is about where you want the top of the baffle to be. (This should be up pretty close right below the bottom of the nesting box). Tighten the screws so the collar is tight on the pole. 7. Lower the baffle over the top of the pole so the threaded. Black, Pole mount Wraparound break-apart squirrel baffle for poles 1/2″ to 1″ in diameter. 22-1/2″ in diameter. Cones - Most Popular and Effective Snake Baffle for Bluebird House Poles Fully galvanized cones withstand the corrosive effects of bird droppings Bird House Pole With Baffle features a sturdy metal, rust resistant design, sure to hold up to even the largest and heaviest bird houses and bird feeders. The three pole sections attach easily to one another and include a heavy duty auger and a bird house / feeder mounting plate with screws. The Pole Kit is innovative in design, with a 1 1/4.

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  1. Bluebirds are popular songbirds that tend to look for hollowed-out spaces for nesting, making birdhouses ideal. Unfortunately, predators have a fondness for bird nests, and snakes in particular seem able to climb up most any pole. Snakes can eat eggs and curl up inside the house, causing considerable alarm for the birds upon returning home
  2. Metal baffles are more difficult for predators to climb, and attaching a birdhouse to a metal pole will provide even more protection. If the tree or pole is too wide for a baffle, a large, broadsheet of smooth metal wrapped around the trunk will serve the same purpose to keep predators from climbing
  3. The lowest point of the suet/nut block feeder is 58 off the ground. Place the pole 8-10 feet horizontally from anything a squirrel could use as a base to jump to the feeders, bypassing the squirrel baffle. Erva's website says that squirrels can also jump 4 feet vertically. The squirrel barrel baffle is about 14 1/4 tall
  4. World's Greatest™ Squirrel Baffles, the best selling USA made baffles on the market Nature House / TRIO Purple Martin Houses, the pioneering and market leading brand of purple martin houses. Orders placed in our on line store qualify for a discounted flat rate shipping charge of $4.99 for orders under $74.99. Free Shipping for orders of $74.
  5. The Bluebird House Pole Kit. $ 35.00. Installing bluebird houses and creating bluebird trails is made fast and easy with this unique pole system combined with the innovative, molded-in pipe channel in the rear of our Bluebird House. The pole system consists of two 3′ long galvanized pipes 1/2″ in diameter, and a 1/2″ coupler
  6. PVC is the worst investment. Poles & post they wrap them self around pole tighten and just go round and round simple for the free bluebird meal. Had one get into a 14 foot high Martin house with 4 foot long PVC. The martins moved to another house and re-nested. But that was a nightmare. I have removed all PVC from post
  7. Common problems include weather, attacks by House Sparrows, House Wrens, and climbing predators such as raccoons, cats, and snakes. We cannot control the weather. Slip the assembled baffle over the pole until it rests on the hanger iron bracket. The top of the baffle needs to be at The North American Bluebird Society, Inc. is a non.

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Attach the nest box onto the pole, with the bottom of the box about six inches above the top of the baffle. Smear a heavy-duty wax (for example, carnauba wax) on the pole beneath the baffle to repel ants. Printed with permission from Bluebirds Forever (Toops 1994) Plan design by Ron Kingston, Sialia 13(2):56-5 I build nest boxes and pole/baffle predator guards to order. You can order nest boxes and poles/baffles together or separately. If you want blue bird boxes from me for the coming Spring 2016 nesting season, please give me your order as soon as you can (deadline September 30th) so that I can get materials ordered and in house. It may seem too. Bluebird babies hatching. The day after I put my first bluebird house up (complete with baffle) 2 bluebirds started building their nest. I was so happy! Before I knew it, 4 eggs had been laid! I couldn't wait. The chicks started to hatch on a Thursday and I took photos (above). The next day I took more photos but they didn't look too good (Note: 8 inch PVC works better for raccoons if the baffle is not wobbly.) * 4 inch PVC cap * a few screws * a conduit hanger or a hose clamp. Instructions: Put the baffle on the pole BEFORE you put the nestbox on. 1. In the top of the PVC cap, drill a hole in the middle that is about 1/8 larger than the mounting pole. 2

Shade for my bluebird house. I have a great bluebird house and Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird had five babies born late May. They all hung around for a while, and after I cleaned out the birdhouse, they built another nest and immediately laid five more eggs. things were going along great until I noticed they weren't going in their box Ron Kingston 8″ by 24″ stovepipe baffle Every pole supporting a bird house should have a predator baffle on it. Otherwise, pole-climbing predators,... Bluebird Articles, Raccoons are perhaps the most devastating mammalian predators on bluebirds, capable of climbing almost any pole to clean out a nestbox of eggs... 16 Jan. Bluebird.

Bluebird box monitors have found that few, if any, bluebirds will use a box with a Bird Guardian on it, and some even abandon nests with eggs when a Bird Guardian is placed on a box. Slip the assembled baffle over the pole until it rests on the hanger iron bracket. The top of the baffle needs to be at least four feet off the ground APS Bluebird Pole plus Raccoon Baffle is the best and safest way to protect your nesting birds. The APS Bluebird Pole consists of a pole with an auger on the base to easily screw into the ground and a flange to attach to the back of the box for $36.88 The Raccoon Baffle protects the nest and birds from predatory raccoons and snakes $46.99 (Nest. A good pole baffle will have a diameter of AT LEAST 24″. This can be a cone, a metal disk, a heavy plastic garbage can lid, etc. There is a big difference in pole baffles and it is important to use one that is effective

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Attach to it a stovepipe-style raccoon baffle, stuff hardware cloth up near the top, and you can cross snakes off the list of worries (as well as squirrels, raccoons, etc.) That is simply my approach; inexpensive and effective. I am not certain of the best method to secure a 4×4 mounting pole set-up. Randy This bluebird house is a box-shaped nesting house that is made of wood. Just like the slot bluebird house, it has a hatch door to access the bird and the nest if there is a need. The only difference between a Gilwood and a Peterson is that the Gilwood's entrance is a semi-circle hole with 1 ½ inch diameter that is located at the top of the.

baffle is more effective against snakes than a solid top. The snake can see the nestbox and smell the scent of the birds from inside the baffle, but the hardware cloth stops it. It is likely to remain in STOVEPIPE BAFFLE Pole-Mounted Baffles ~ the baffle, the victim of its own limited reasoning power, rather than climb around the baffle on th Install that new house on a pole or a sturdy 4×4 post. Even if there is a predator guard on the house, consider adding a baffle right under the box for added protection. Ideally, the house would have the opening facing east, looking out onto an open area, and facing away from prevailing winds Keep raccoon and cats away by adding a roof extension to your birdhouse. It should extend five or six inches past the entrance to the box and prevents most cats from being able to reach inside. Guards and/or baffles are important additions for any nesting boxes mounted on wooden poles, to prevent cats from climbing them

Woodlink Triple Pole Connector. $ 16.40 $ 12.15. Sale! Woodlink Universal Mounting Bracket for Bird Feeders. $ 17.89 $ 13.25. Sale! Woodlink Universal Pole Kit Bird Feeder. $ 30.50 $ 22.59. Sale Wild Birds unlimited (WBU) frequently also sells mounting poles called Bluebird house poles so the height is correct. They will also do the mounting hardware for you in the store. They also sell ground anchors for the poles, which cost about $10 for the heavy duty one and will keep that house standing straight, even in strong winds Attaching a baffle or other squirrel deterrents to the pole of your birdhouse will not only prevent squirrels from eating your bird food, but will also act as a buffer between the birds and predators. Another great way to protect your birds from cats or raccoons leaping from trees is a birdhouse or feeder cover I'm concerned about the new house on the other side of the back yard within view of the bluebird box. It is not s bluebird box and is a house in a square post--no baffle to protect from predators. 3 eggs now. Anyone know if some type of baffle can be rigged on a post? Also concerned about the opening with the little ledge

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Materials: Aluminum electrical conduit, ½-inch diameter, 5-foot length Iron rebar, ½-inch diameter, 5-foot length One hanger iron (two 7-inch strips attached with two machine screws and nuts Duct tape One ½-inch conduit connector with two screws Galvanized stovepipe, 6-inch diameter, 34-inch length, with 6-inch steel cap Knockout punch for ½-inch hole Two strapping brackets with four. 9. The gilbertson pole system is easy to assemble. Drive rebar into the ground, leaving two feet above ground. Attach conduit coupler to end of conduit. Tighten upper, shorter screw against conduit. Slip coupler over rebar. Tighten lower, longer screw against rebar. Clean pole with steel wool and coat it with furniture polish. Add baffle if needed Bluebird nest boxes are most successful when placed on a post or pole, in an open area, about 4' to 5' high. For Eastern bluebirds, a 1.5 diameter entrance hole is needed, while the Western and Mountain bluebirds prefer a slightly larger 1.5625 diameter entrance hole

Bluebird Pole and Baffle. The most efficient and safe way to mount a bluebird house is on a pole with a raccoon baffle. This method will keep out predators like snakes, raccoons, and cats and keep the birds safe. It also allows you to place the box in the most opportune place and not have to rely on an existing tree or post to mount it A bluebird house should be mounted on a pole or post roughly 4 to 6 feet/1.2 to 1.8 meters above the ground in a relatively open area, with the entrance facing a large tree or shrub 25 to 100 feet/7.6 to 30.4 meters away. Baffles are essential on poles or posts to deter birdhouse predators, and further protect both the adults and nestlings Homemade Squirrel Baffle for Bird Feeders or Bird Houses. Note: If you are installing the squirrel baffle to a metal pole, you could do so by first attaching something like a collar bracket, hose clamp, emt tubing connector or even zip ties to the pole. Then you place the baffle above it which will prevent it from sliding down the pole Metal poles can be polished with steel wool and coated with carnuba wax. If rat snakes are known to be in your area consider a proper pole baffle. Unless your trail is in an area where raccoons are not present, avoid mounting Bluebird boxes on a fence line or on trees. Raccoons are known to walk fence lines and may find your boxes Bluebird houses should be mounted at a height of from 5 LOCATION to 7 feet, measured from the ground to the floor of the Selecting a suitable location for the bluebird house is of house. They should be set out by February 15. utmost importance. Unfortunately, bluebirds rarely nest in cities, large towns, or close-in suburban areas

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  1. You may find it necessary to use a baffle or greased pole in any case. If you establish your own bluebird trail, try to locate your boxes 200 or more yards away from man-made structures such as buildings, bridges and major power poles. This will help limit intrusion by house sparrows, which compete with the bluebirds for nesting locations
  2. Poles stay straight. Additional pieces are available to customize your bird feeding station. Hardware > Advanced Pole System 8″ Raccoon Baffle. Decorative Branch Perch. Our Decorative Branch Perch is the perfect way to give your birds a little R and R between feedings. They'll hang out on the perch while they wait their turn to eat
  3. Find squirrel proof bird feeding poles right here! All of our poles are easy to install and some of our bird feeding stations will prevent squirrels. To mount your bluebird house, fly thru feeder or more, our favorite bird house or feeder pole kit is the Universal Mounting Pole Kit by Squirrel Stopper
  4. Snake Prevention for Bluebird House by: Anonymous We had bluebirds nest in our house back in May. A 4' garter snake got in (despite our metal baffle and metal pole), probably ate one (from looks of belly), but we got the snake out (did not kill it) and 3 of the babies fledged
  5. Raccoon Baffle for nestboxes (Predator Guard) General information on how to attract nesting bluebirds, including distinguishing nests and eggs of other cavity nesters, heat, dealing with house sparrows, data on bluebird trail
  6. d, these shelters will certainly offer wonderful nesting spots for many seasons. Begin a bluebird trail in your area using this Bluebird House Package with Poles
  7. Hose Clamp on feeder pole. Step 4: Attach Screws. Tighten the sheet metal screws to hold the end cap and stovepipe together. Step 5: Slip Baffle Over Pole. With the baffle pointed down like a bell, slip the feeder pole through the hole in the center. The top of the baffle should be about 4' to 5' off the ground

South Lincoln: Alamo Plaza / 56th & Hwy 2 Lincoln, Nebraska 68516 (402)-420-255 Experts usually recommend to avoid mounting houses on trees just because of this, particularly if there are squirrels or cats in the vicinity, or raccoons that easily climb posts. If you do use wooden posts, install a baffle or guard below the birdhouse. A piece of stovepipe around a pole makes a good baffle Diy Bluebird House Pole. 1.5 inches (1.56 inches for mountain bluebirds) entrance height: 4.0 out of 5 stars. Source : www.pinterest.com 6 to 10 inches above the house floor. 8 to 12 inches with the back slightly higher to shed water. 13 FREE Birdhouse Plans Easy PDFVideo Instructions Add a few bluebird houses and a [ Birds Choice Recycled Eastern Bluebird House 1.5 Hole $52 49 $52.49 $57 99 $57.9

Bluebird houses should be located in open, grassy areas with no tall shrubs, at a height of 4-6 feet above the ground. To hinder access by predators, this 5x5x9 wooden house (commonly referred to as a NABS-style house) is mounted on a smooth, thin pole equipped with a baffle. Credit: Holly Ober, UF/IFA House Opening: 1 ½ and 1 9/16 diameter entrance holes. Our top-of-the-line bluebird house includes all of the key elements needed for a successful nesting experience for both tenant and landlord. It's the ideal size for bluebirds, and it includes the proper drainage and ventilation to keep babies dry

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Bluebird House Installation. diyww September 11, 2019 Lawn and Garden. In this video, we started with a Bluebird House, a poll, a baffle, a floor flange and a bag of concrete. We put it all together and have had 2 Blue Bird Families raised in it this year. If you enjoy seeing Blue Birds around your house this is a great way to encourage them Bluebird Pole Guard, PG, baffle for bluebird house, climbing predator pole guar

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  1. Complete Kit Includes Two 28 long pieces of heavy-duty 16 gauge steel 1 diameter black steel tubing. Twist-in ground socket goes 20 into the ground providing a very stable base for the bird house. Flange top plate for top or side mounting. 54 pole height is the perfect for bluebird, wren or chickadee houses Made i
  2. Erva Catalog RT8 - Bluebird House Pole [UPC 763945-402079] - Break apart Bluebird Basics pole. It has two screw holes drilled through the 1/2 (enlarge image to view) shaft to which the house is mounted (screws included). The 2 piece design is very functional because it's easy to remove the top portion for quick clean out at the end o
  3. This kit includes 2-pieces of our heavy duty 16 gauge wall, 1 diameter black steel tubing. The ground socket twists 20 into the ground and has a set screw and 1/2 turning holes. Also includes a Bluebird house flange plate with top or side mounting. Pole is 54 which i
  4. Birdhouse on APS Pole with Baffle. The baffle keeps critters from preying on the nesting birds in this bluebird house mounted on an APS set-up. Permalink

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  1. pole, resting it on the hanger straps. Attach the nest box onto the pole, with the bottom of the box about six inches above the top of the baffle. Smear a heavy-duty wax (for example, carnauba wax) on the pole beneath the baffle to repel ants. Printed with permission from Bluebirds Forever (Toops 1994) Plan design by Ron Kingston, Sialia 13(2.
  2. A simple baffle can be made by encircling the pole with a 2-foot-wide collar of metal 3 feet off the ground. Because bluebirds are territorial and will not allow other bluebirds to nest close to them, locate nest boxes at least 100 yards apart (but see next paragraph)
  3. Our bird house pole predator guards also make very effective bird feeder baffles, deterring squirrels, raccoons, and snakes from climbing poles and raiding nesting sites and feeding areas. Did you know that the diet of many different species of snakes includes birds and bird eggs, and that snake
  4. imizes premature fledging and allows easy viewing. Predators cannot cling to smooth hard surface
  5. Cedar Predator Guard for Bluebird Houses (4) Regular price $3.25 Squirrel Baffle (1) Regular price $31.50 Raccoon Baffle (1) Regular price $52.50 Super Bluebird Nest Box with Pole Package Super Bluebird Nest Box with Pole Package (2) From $96.50.
  6. If this happens, the bluebirds might abandon their eggs. Two eggs pierced by a house wren Photo by Lisa Zins is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To avoid competition between wrens and bluebirds, a good rule of thumb is to mount bluebird houses 50-200 feet away from heavily wooded areas, which is the house wren's preferred habitat. 5

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How to Grow Peppers From the Seeds Inside of the Pepper Growing Vegetable A bluebird house should be mounted on a pole or post roughly 4 to 6 feet/1.2 to 1.8 meters above the ground in a relatively open area, with the entrance facing a large tree or shrub 25 to 100 feet/7.6 to 30.4 meters away. You might be interested: FAQ: What is canada's national bird Find perfect accommodations for your blues... from basic nest box to bluebird mansion! Vinyl Bluebird House $95.00. Gilbertson Nest Box- NABS Approved from $30.00. Recycled Bluebird House $43.50. View Thru Bluebird House-NABS Approved $46.50. Deluxe Reycled Bluebird House-NABS Approved $98.00. Rustic Bluebird Manor 3 Colors $84.50 Simple to monitor, an Eastern bluebird favorite! The Gilbertson Nest Box is approved by the North American Bluebird Society. Now with optional poly-lumber matching roof. Preferred by blues over the years, cool birdhouse mounts quickly and easily on 1/2-inch conduit. PVC will not rot, split or crack, nest box will host many successful broods with its great features: Overhang roof design. Bluebird House Protector Concentrate 33.9 oz; Bluebird House Protector 16 oz; Predatory Bird Repeller; Droll Yankees -Seed Scoop; Algway 5.4 for Fountains 2 ounce; Algway 5.4 for Fountains 4 ounce; Bird House/Bird Feeder Cleaner 8 oz. Bird Bath & Statuary Cleaner 8 oz. All Seasons Oversized 5 Gal. Flat Back Heated Bucket; 16 Gal. Heated Tub w.

This bluebird pole comes with screws to attach to the back of any wooden bird house! Break apart Bluebird Basics pole. It has two screw holes drilled through the 1/2″ (enlarge image to view) shaft to which the house is mounted (screws included). The 2 piece design is very functional because it's easy to remove [ Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bluebird House Pole Set, 54 inch at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products House Placement For Bluebirds, Purple Martins and Bats. Bluebird Houses - Bluebirds can tolerate shade, but prefer open areas and are most happy when their houses are placed along fencerows. Install bluebird houses at least 4-6 feet off the ground in a moderately open area with a few bushes and shrubs interspersed throughout Baffles can be placed on poles to keep foes from crawling up. To keep House Sparrows out of Eastern Bluebird boxes specifically, keep the birdhouse lower than 5 feet. Tree Swallows may also occupy bluebird houses, but this can be alleviated by placing two birdhouses 10 to 12 feet apart. Tree Swallows may use one while keeping other swallows. Returning bluebirds are a welcome sign of spring—but in many places, it's up to people to give them a home. To keep populations healthy, naturalists are urging people across the country to erect and tend bluebird boxes. Over the past few decades, they've helped all three bluebird species—Eastern, Western, and Mountain—recover from a declining population, says Geoff LeBaron, director.

First thing thing morning I see the bluebird house outside my bedroom window is turned around and the door is open. Might have been a raccoon...I have 2 bluebird houses & both have a baffle on the pole to keep predators from getting into them. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 4 of 5 (49 Views) Reply. 1 Heart ValuSkr Step 3: Reattach Bird Feeder. I just reattached the bird feeder cap to the pole. This particular bird feeder mounts to the cap. The PVC baffle is in place and just needs capped off so that bees or other pests can't get into the pole to build nests. This will also prevent rain or snow from becoming trapped in either pipe, which would surely. Pole Mount Raccoon Baffle. $ 54.95. Sturdy Pole Mount Raccoon Baffle with a round hole in the middle of the top. Can be used under nesting boxes, too! Comes with a clamp to attach to any pole that is 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ in diameter. Made in the USA Finding the perfect bird feeder baffle sounds daunting, with so many products in the market promising to squirrel-proof your feeder. You might have thought about a homemade pole guard too, but you weren't sure it would work. In this article, I narrow down your search to five pole baffles that function efficiently and cost-effectively

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Bluebirds need a house with a hole 1.5 in diameter. Their houses are usually mounted in pairs, one for the bluebirds, and the other for house sparrows or tree swallows. One of the most popular styles of houses is the sparrow-resistant bluebird house. It's specially designed to appeal to bluebirds and dissuade sparrows. Others come with viewing windows, nest lifts, or even a video camera. NEST BOXES. Carl Little Virginia Bluebird Society approved and recommended design - $9 each. Linda Violett VBS tested (for protection from House sparrow attack) 2-hole design - $15 each. POLES WITH BAFFLE PREDATOR GUARDS AND MOUNTING HARDWARE. Pole and mounting hardware with 6†baffle predator guard - $18 each Total Ratings 18, $38.89 New. Woodlink TV208966 Rustic Blue Bird House. 4.7 out of 5 stars. (7) Total Ratings 7, $20.53 New. Garden Decor White Wood Victorian Style Bird House Birdhouse Distressed Finish Bluebird Sort By -- Select -- Alphabetical (A to Z) Alphabetical (Z to A) Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low) Newest to Oldest Oldest to Newest Featured Items Sale Items Best Sellers (Least Popular) Best Sellers (Most Popular Our Convertible Bluebird Box serves double duty as a roosting box in winter and nesting box in summer. Be sure to mount your houses 6' off the ground in an open area facing away from the wind. Use a pole baffle to discourage predators! Safety. All nesting birds are subject to predation and Bluebirds are no exception

Pole and Pole Accessories-Purple Unique Birdhouses Bluebird Houses Duck houses Finch and Swallow Birdhouses Robin Birdhouses Wren and Chickadee Birdhouses Owl Birdhouses Birdhouse Kits and Packages Birdhouse Accessories Purple Martin Houses Gourds and Gourd Rack Systems Woodpecker/Flicker Houses. Pole and Pole Accessories Squirrel Baffles. Cedar Bluebird House. Long lasting rough Red Cedar. Side access for easy nest cleanout. 1.5 inch entrance hole. Smaller inside dimensions makes it less desirable for sparrows . Great Price! 4.50 (D) x 4.75 (W) x 12.00 (H) inche Figure 2. Bluebird houses should be located in open, grassy areas with no tall shrubs, at a height of 4-6 feet above the ground. To hinder access by predators, this 5x5x9 wooden house (commonly referred to as a NABS-style house) is mounted on a smooth, thin pole equipped with a baffle. Credits: Holly Ober, UF/IFAS Figure 4 Bluebird nest boxes don't have perches because the bird's feet are designed to perch on trees. Don't place a perch on a bluebird house because it will encourage other types of birds who will chase away the bluebird. Boxes must be mounted on poles because the birds will avoid the swinging motion of a house that is free-hanging It will also prevent squirrels from getting into your bird houses and harming nestlings. Our Favorite Squirrel Baffle. This 18 squirrel baffle can be easily installed and adjusted on existing feeders without having to remove your bird feeder from the pole or hanger. Made from durable, powder-coated steel that will endure outdoor weather abuse

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Bird Houses. Please note that all of information provided on our website about our products is meant to be informative only. For more information regarding prices and shipping (within Canada only) please visit our store in Barrie (515 Bryne Drive, Barrie, ON), phone us (705) 726-7600 or send us an email [email protected].. Bird houses, or nest boxes, are used by a wide variety of birds that. Bird Houses. Choosing the right birdhouse is essential for bringing birds to your outdoor living space. Combining aesthetics and functionality, Birdertown brings you the finest selection of birdhouses that will ensure the birds have a safe and secure place to build their nest while enhancing the look of your garden décor Hi, I'm writing this review because I've contacted Birds Choice directly and have not heard back. First, the Birds Choice Classic bird feeder with Squirrel Baffle and Pole does exactly what it claims. Squirrels don't bother with it and all kinds of birds enjoy using it. In my yard, it is most popular with the finches because it is in a quiet area far away from a platform feeder that attracts.

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The Bluebird House Bluebird Management Management Techniques. The Eastern Bluebird is one of the smaller members of the thrush family. The male has a blue back, a rusty red breast, and the lower belly is white. The female is similar but the colors are not as bright. Young birds have a speckled breast with no red and are mostly gray in appearance Quick View. Accessories. Hyde 12″ Hanging Squirrel Baffle. Rated 3.08 out of 5. $ 36.50. Add to wishlist. Quick View. Accessories. The Bird Guardian Predator Guard for Bluebird Houses SCREW-MOUNT Style This bluebird house has 2 side doors, one engraved with CLEAN and the other with VIEW. Behind the VIEW door is a clear plexy glass so the nest will not be disturbed while you view. This house also has a raised screen floor to reduce blowfly infestations. Other features include a predator guard and an extended roof Deter competitors from nesting in your bluebird boxes. Eastern bluebirds compete for nesting space with non-native species like house sparrows and starlings. In order to make sure you attract bluebirds, it's important to make your nesting boxes unappealing to their competitors. Do not use nesting boxes with attached perches Product Title Follure 16-inch Squirrel Baffle For Poles Squirrel P Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $14.99 $ 14 . 99 List List Price $25.35 $ 25 . 3

Boxes for Eastern Bluebirds should have a round entrance hole of 1 1/2″. Mountain Bluebirds need an entrance hole of 1 9/16″; Western Bluebirds will use a 1 1/2″ hole, but a 1 9/16″ hole should be used where the Western & Mountain Bluebird ranges overlap. Nestbox mounted on metal post with predator baffle - Photo by Kathy Kremnitzer

DuncraftAmish Recycled Poly Classic Bluebird House Package withAttracting Bluebirds to Your Yard with Nesting BoxesHummingbird Feeder PartsNestbox predator controlsbluebird boxes: be a good landlord - A Way To Garden