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Discover Our Huge Online Selection Of Plants. Shop By Type, Color, Zone & More. Nature Hills Is America's Largest Online Plant Nursery. Visit NatureHills.com Today Conifers Evergreen conifers, such as pine, juniper, fir and cypress trees, make good container plants, offering year-round interest and structure on patios, terraces and balconies. All conifer require well-draining soil in a container, and most thrive in a spot with full sun We pick eight of the best trees to grow in pots and containers, including beautiful trees for foliage, flowers and fruit - from BBC Gardeners' World Magazine trees for containers. This list represents a selection of trees and shrubs (easily pruned into tree form) especially suited for use in container plantings. All have rather slow growth habits and well-behaved roots. For most trees, we recommend as large a container as possible: 3+ feet wide by 2+ feet deep if feasible, and never smaller than 18. Ficus trees (Ficus benjamina) can grow quite tall when planted in the yard—up to 55 feet or higher—but when they're planted in a container, they maintain a much smaller form, usually around 5-6..

In fact, Pine trees are also used as Christmas trees but not all Christmas trees are pines! Some of the pine species well-suited for containers are Swiss stone pine, evergreen Japanese red Pine, & Lacebark pine. You can also grow some large pines in containers as well and keep them contained by pruning Dwarf Alberta Spruce. An Alberta spruce makes a perfect choice for a container considering it is slow growing. Its mature size can get 5-6 feet, but keeping it trimmed back and pruned will eliminate this. This evergreen will add a touch of greenery that will work great in a covered area outside The cherry-red Dynamite Crape Myrtle is one of the best choices for a container, growing to perhaps 10 feet tall. Others, like the bright white Natchez Crape Myrtle, will grow a little taller but with spring pruning can be kept more compact if necessary, for a smaller space. Out of stock Zones 6-9 Acoma Crape Myrtle Tree Dwarf varieties of fir, cypress, hemlock, spruce, juniper, and pine are great for growing in pots as they are very low maintenance, come in many different colors, shapes, and textures, and they are very slow growing, which means they can live in the same pot for up to 5 years Also known as flowering crabapple trees, the varieties suitable for large containers include 'Centurion', 'Indian magic', Japanese (M. floribunda), and Sargent (M. sargentii). Crabapple trees are somewhat drought tolerant once they're mature, but don't let their soil dry out

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Giga® Blue Pincushion, and VIBE® Ignition Purple Salvia — all perfect for containers in a hot, sunny location. Frost-Tender Perennials and Annuals for Full-Sun Containers Whether you live in the warmest zones of the country or are looking for colorful annuals, these are some of our favorite options for containers in hot, sunny locations Why Grow Trees in Containers? There are several reasons why growing trees in pots can be a great idea. You can protect delicate varieties. Having trees in pots allows you to grow varieties — such as sweet bay (Laurus nobilis, USDA zones 8 to 11; find your zone), for example — that wouldn't otherwise survive [in cold-winter climates], as you can take them into a greenhouse or somewhere.

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  1. Home > Lawn Care > Our Tips for the Best Trees for Containers. Our recommendation for the trees for containers is the National Tree Upright Juniper Tree. But this compact planter tree is one of several options available to you, should you be in the market to spruce up your garden in a unique way
  2. Perfect partners for a sunny spot, Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip Jr.' butterfly bush and Lil Miss Sunshine bluebeard offer fragrance from spring until fall. The felted foliage of the dwarf, sterile butterfly bush is a silvery-green—an excellent foil for the scented purple flowers that bloom for many months
  3. Though it's not grown for blooms, agave is a stunning plant that lends an architectural flair to any container. There are striped and solid varieties of agave in different shades of green and blue
  4. You might not think it possible but many smaller varieties grow well in containers for trees so long as they are suitably situated and appropriately watered. Small trees like acers, dwarf willows and dwarf conifers, and shrubs like rhododendrons and holly look particularly nice in planters
  5. iature fruit trees to elegant Japanese maples. Planted in attractive containers, they are extremely versatile and decorative, ideal for fra

Choosing the best plants for containers. To a gardener, all plants are stars. But some plants are born to shine just a bit brighter. These are the best container plants. Maybe they have plentiful flowers, colorful foliage or graceful trailing stems There are types of trees that do well when planted in containers though. Here are a few trees you can grow in containers. Dwarf citrus. Citrus trees themselves do okay in containers, but there are varieties of dwarf citrus tree that handle container planting much better. THese trees will usually stay low to the ground and enjoy full sun Growing hydrangea in containers also makes it much easier for you to control the color of the blooms by managing the pH of the growing medium. 3. Daphnes. Daphnes are another group of plants that offer plenty of options for a container garden. One great Daphne to grow in pots, for example, is Daphne x transatlantica, Eternal Fragrance 'Blafra' Fantastic Trees to Grow in Containers Outside. When caring for trees grown in containers, remember they are not all meant to move indoors. Keep outdoor trees outside in the appropriately sized one for long term growth. When choosing the best trees to grow in containers, consider their mature size and your hardiness zone to help increase their. These three containers make the most of heat-tolerant plants like geraniums, calibrachoas, and mecardonias. Choosing tough plants with gorgeous, bright blooms brings the best of both worlds to your container-they're both easy to care for and visually captivating. 3 of 31. View All

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  1. Citrus trees don't go dormant, so the best time to prune the roots and branches is after it has blossomed and fruited. Citrus should also be re-potted every 2-4 years to prevent any root binding. You can either move it to a larger container or carefully prune the roots to maintain the current size
  2. Smaller varieties do best in containers. But they provide just as much privacy as their taller counterparts. To grow an Elderberry plant, you'll need a large container that's at least 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep. The plants have a strong root system that needs plenty of room to spread out
  3. Tender trees, such as olives, pomegranates and citrus are ideal in pots, as they can easily be moved into a frost free place over winter; Although growing a tree in a container will restrict its size, you are best to avoid fast-growing, large or vigorous trees, as they will eventually start to look leggy as they struggle in too small a root space
  4. 8 Best Flowering Container Garden Plants for Sunny Areas Enjoy a Huge Range of Colors All Summer. Written by. Kerry Michaels. Kerry Michaels is a writer and photographer with several years specializing in gardening and landscape design. Learn about The Spruce's Editorial Process
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