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However, Rhianon Lovelace ended this powerlifting hiatus in a big way recently. A video to her Instagram shows her at a meet, doing a massive deadlift, 600lb to be exact. Not only was this impressive because of the fact it is more than 4 times her bodyweight of -64kg, but it also blew some big records out of the park Phase 1: Strength Building First and foremost of every single one of my Preps is the main Strength Building. This phase usually takes around 4-6 weeks depending on how long I have before I peak. This is the part we focus on weakness, for me is usually the drive off the ground. I will deadlift up to three times a week, with my main working sets being sets of 10, with the intensity of my. Cerberus Athlete Rhianon Lovelace 250KG/550lb!! At 62kg bodyweight. Officially over 4 x bodyweight.New Lightweight and Middleweight World Record Shop gear, a.. Watch Rhianon Lovelace's Amazing 5.7x Bodyweight Partial Deadlift The 2018 World's Strongest Woman pulled 800 pounds weighing just 141 pounds. Written by Nick Englis A huge congratulations to @rhianon.lovelace.kaosstrength on her Lightweight new Women's Atlas Stone World Record! . As the first Female Athlete in the @worldsultimatestrongman Feats of Strength Series, lightweight Strongwoman Rihanon set out to break the U64kg Atlas Stone Record of 139kg/306lbs.

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  1. Rhianon Lovelace record deadlift Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 01-25-2020, 10:46 AM #2. Main3iac10. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Registered User Join Date Mar 2019. Location Northeast. Posts 163. Thanks 32 Thanks 49 Thanked in 40 Posts. Rep Points 670100. Older vid but love the intensity.
  2. A post shared by Rhianon Lovelace (@rhianon.lovelace.kaosstrength) on Aug 29, 2020 at 1:08am PDT Rob Kearney was able to deadlift 920 pounds (421 kg) with a body weight of 290 pounds (131 kg). Rhianon Lovelace was able to deadlift 577 pounds (262 kg) with a body weight of 145.5 pounds (66 kg)
  3. U64 World Record Deadlift Holder U82 World Record Deadlift Holder 2 x Britian's and Europe's Strongest Woman FAVORITE QUOTE: For your success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others. - Eleanor Roosevelt FAVORITE ATHLETE INSPIRATION: My mother, Janet Lovelace
  4. World Record Women: Lightweight: 64kg/140lbs Rhianon Lovelace (Great Britain) - 272.5kg/600lbs 1/25/20 Strength Shop Record Breakers Open: Becca Swanson (United States) - 310kgs/683lbs Men: 80kg/175lbs: Shane Jerman (United Kingdom) - 320kg/705lbs 90kg/200lbs: Darryn Wright (United Kingdom) - 350kgs/771lbs 105kg/231lbs Luke Davies (United Kingdom) - 410kg/902lbs 21/9/19 at SFN Expo.
  5. Equip Squat Bench Deadlift Total Dots; Raw: 135: 105: 190: 400: 450.62: Wraps: 185: 480: 523.4

British strongwomen Rhianon Lovelace will attempt to break the lightweight Atlas Stone world record which is currently 139kg/306lb.. She'll be attempting to lift a 141kg/311lb, a 151kg/333lb. Rhianon Lovelace — The Women's Atlas Stone Hoist Champion joins the Lympo family. · U82 British Deadlift Record (600lb) · U64 World Deadlift Record (600lb) · U82 World Deadlift Record. 4,620 Likes, 396 Comments - Rhianon Lovelace (@rhianon.lovelace.kaosstrength) on Instagram: 600lb Deadlift (272.5kg). Done. BIGGEST FEMALE! DEADLIFT IN BRITISH HISTORY! A New Lightweight &

After claiming a world record Rhianon Lovelace went on to be crowned the pound for pound strongest woman in the world. Most recently in a post on Instagram we witnessed Rhianon pull a massive 300 kg / 660lb deadlift off 3-inch blocks with a bodyweight of just under 60 kg. This made the deadlift a 5-times bodyweight at just under 25 years of age 290kg (638lb) deadlift for the strongwoman deadlift world record. Rhianon Lovelace. Rhianon Lovelace is a little bit of a unicorn. While small in stature she brings a very rare blend of strength, power and quickness that is completely unmatched in male or female strength sports today.. Eddie The Beast Hall vs Rhianon Lovelace Worlds strongest woman. Thread starter joe33; Start She actually kinda lied about her best deadlift, she says it's almost 600lb, it's 22kg short of that, and in a deadlift suit too. at the time he pulled the 500kg world record, he'd have had to pull 796kg to be seen as equal Now we know how. No officially verified record: Yes 11 repetitions June 6, 2020: Maximum Atlas Stone Lift Women's Under-64kg Record: Rhianon Lovelace: 139kg Yes 141kg June 13, 2020: Maximum Log Lift American Record: Rob Kearney: 214kg (Rob Kearney) Yes 216kg June 20, 2020: 400kg Deadlift (standard bar) for Repetitions: Jerry Pritchett: 5 repetitions (Jean.

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World Record! On Sunday 2nd August 2020, Rhianon Lovelace broke the Lightweight, Middleweight AND Heavyweight Silver Dollar Deadlift World Record! The lift took place at Grindhouse Gym as part of the 'Day of the Deadlift' competition. This Rhianon's 5th World Record at just 23 years of age. She also holds the records for Ambitious Rhianon Lovelace, 24, will perform the notorious Silver Dollar Deadlift - so christened because in the old days, strongmen used to perform the lift with barrels full of silver dollars Rhianon Lovelace. Worlds Strongest Woman 2018 & Crowned the Lb for Lb Strongest Woman on the Planet 2020. Rhianon has broken World Records in more events than any other Strongman or woman in History, and has personally added nearly 100kg to the Deadlift World Record in the last 4 years

ABOUT. Established in 2018, Kaos Strength Gym was set up as an elite Training and Education Center for the North Of England Athletes. Owned by Worlds Strongest Woman '18 Rhianon Lovelace and 2 x Wales Strongest Man Luke Davies, the Gym caters for all levels from Grassroots to Pro Level. The focus at Kaos has always been Education and. The Weight Of The World. 480 likes. This documentary will tell the story of Rhianon Lovelace (2018's World's Strongest Woman), her journey so far and what she hopes the future will look like for her..

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Come and see the greatest ever Strongwoman Line up! 3 Time World's Strongest Woman Donna Moore, 2018 World's Strongest Woman Andrea Thompson, 300Kg Deadlift World Record Holder Lucy Underdown, The World's Strongest Woman pound for pound Rhianon Lovelace - the list goes on and on Professional Strong Woman Rhianon Lovelace at her gym Kaos Strength, Preston, is in training to attempting to break the World Record at the Silver Dollar deadlift competition on Sunday RHIANON LOVELACE GRAND WDC CHAMPION WORLDS STRONGEST POUND FOR POUND ATHLETE. RHIANON LOVELACE LIFTS THE BEST POUND FOR POUND SILVER DOLLAR DEADLIFT IN HISTORY 364 KG, BODYWEIGHT 63 KG AN INCREDIBLE 390.94 WILKS FORMULA POINTS. AT ONLY 24 YEARS OLD , WHAT WILL THE LIMITS BE !! Rhianon Lovelace pulls 260kg for a new world record! Close. 92. Posted by. LWM175. 1 year ago. I also saw that CC weighed 82kg for that record. Top 20 will be accepted with 5 as reserves. 600lb Deadlift from floor for reps- you may hitch and use straps, no suits. You must video the plates on at least one side of the bar His coaches are Rhianon Lovelace (Welsh Strongest Woman 2018 Lightweight Champion who holds 5 world records) and Luke Davies (holds the Welsh record in the 420kg deadlift and is a world record holder). One of the gyms he trains at with Rhianon, 'Kaos Strength Gym', has 8 world record holders

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  1. World Record Men 80kg/175lbs: Dan Ashcroft (United Kingdom) 142kg/312.4lbs 23rd November 2019 Strengthshop Record Breakers Event Patrick Castelli (United States) - 308lbs/140kgs 90kg/198lbs: Ngarimu Ahipene (New Zealand) - 365.9 lbs /166kg 105kg/231lbs: Andrew Clayton (United States) - 415lbs/188kgs Open: Eddie Hall - 476lbs/216kgs Women 64kg/140lbs Rhianon Lovelace 92.5kg/203lbs 1/25.
  2. World record Deadlift female 75 pounds -- not to mention 23 U.S. and. Hall recruits fellow world-record holder and 2018 U64 World's Strongest woman Rhianon Lovelace for a pound-for-pound challenge. Lovelace weighs 60 kilos (just over 134 pounds) and can deadlift.. Stefanie Cohen is known around the world as one of the strongest female.
  3. Mary Gregory, from Virginia, set world records in the women's squat, bench press, and deadlift, and had earned a 'Masters total world record' for her powerlifting scores across the board last month
  4. Rhianon Lovelace - u63 Britains Strongest Woman & World Record Deadlift holder. Benedikt Magnusson - Deadlift World Record Holder 440kg WPO & 460kg Ronnie Coleman Classic. telephone: +353 21 239 3490. email address: info@cerberus.ie. Call Us +1 519-658-0887 . Contact Us; My Account; 0
  5. Rhianon Lovelace - u63 Britains Strongest Woman & World Record Deadlift holder. Cerberus brings the best support apparel package for strength sports at great value. Developed by athletes, for athletes. Benedikt Magnusson - Deadlift World Record Holder 440kg WPO & 460kg Ronnie Coleman Classic
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Despite weighing 110 kilograms or 245 pounds the 25 year old powerlifter can deadlift 475 kilograms. Eder comments on loss of amateur status. World s strongest gay rob kearney and 2018 world s strongest woman rhianon lovelace have been awarded the first honors of pound for pound strongest man and woman On Saturday, you can watch Preston wonderwoman Rhianon Lovelace try to break her on new world record deadlift of 260kg as she goes up against supermum Andrea Thompson for the Strongest Woman on. This past weekend, the 2018 World's Strongest Woman Rhianon Lovelace set the new lightweight (-64kg) Atlas Stone world record when she lifted a 141kg/311lb stone over a four foot tall bar in the United Kingdom

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Within the first six weeks I did my first powerlifting contest and beat four Welsh records that day. Sue is now Britain's strongest woman over 50 and holds an impressive two British deadlift. As strongman and strongman competitions, Rob Kearney and Rhianon Lovelace already hold some pretty big distinctions. However they recently got an honor that will likely put them down in history books forever. When strongman champion Eddie Hall revealed that he was looking to find the strongest male and female athletes..

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[2][3] Becca Swanson holds several powerlifting world records for women, including the heaviest squat, heaviest deadlift and the heaviest bench press. Goerner's best 4 finger deadlift was a whopping 596 pounds. British Record. Needless to say, both ladies have a resume that would justify them pulling a mind-numbing number, such as +600lbs on an elephant bar deadlift. Tim Henriques' boo In recent years, top-level strength athletes have raised the profile of strongman training, like England's Eddie Hall, who became the first man to deadlift 500kg in 2016, and Rhianon Lovelace, who.

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In addition, she set two World records in Squat (100kg) and Deadlift (125kg). After this success, she was invited to represent Great Britain at the GPC World Championships in Slovakia on 21 October. By the time this competition came, she had moved up a weight category due to natural growth to compete in the Under 60kg/Under 16 class Music video starring Sruishty Maan, Kaptaan having music label Urban Pendu Records. Toofan Song Credits Song Title - Toofan Starring - Sruishty Maan, Kaptaan Music - The Read More. Taakre Lyrics - Gur Sidhu, Jassa Dhillon. July 29, 2021 Posted in Punjabi Songs Tags: Gur Sidhu, Jassa Dhillon Our Athletes. Rugby player. Scored 50 points and 10 tries. FA Women's Championship player. 8th place at the Pyeonchang Winter Olympic Games in 2018 2-Women Bobsleigh. This was the best finish for British Women Ever. World Champion Powerlifter at 18years old. •2017 WDFPF T3 145Kg+ World champion

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Day 2 was just out of this world, I had never lifted over a 185kg deadlift in competition or training, the final lift of the deadlift ladder worked out at 206kg, 200kg felt like my nemesis, but I made a promise to myself and my then coach that I would lift it if it killed me. and I lifted it! next event load and drag, never a fan of running with weight, but got it done - Absolute joy to finish. Full Live Stream | Rhianon Lovelace 139KG Atlas Stone Lift Attempt. Watch Live Saturday June 6th at 12PM ET as Rhianon Lovelace will attempt to break the Lightweight Women's World Record of the 139kg/306lb Atlas Stone lift. Live from the UK with Laurence Shahlaei and Mark Boyd commentating and Zydrunas Savickas refereeing Huge congratulations to @rhianon.lovelace.kaosstrength on her new Atlas Stone World Record!. As the first Female Athlete in the @worldsultimatestrongman Feats of Strength Series, lightweight Strongwoman Rihanon set out to break the U64kg Atlas Stone Record of 139kg/306lbs.

She went on to win the gold in her new category and even set new world records in squat (110.5kg) and deadlift (128kg). This means Porscha now holds four world, two European and three British. Importazione e vendita diretta a privati e negozi. Skip to content. Home; Acquista; Per approfondire. Contatti ← Cuocere su piastre di sale ros Primarily this will be a private gym, currently no walk ins or day passes being offered, However Rhianon and Luke will be taking on clients for coaching and the first Deadlift seminar i booked for September 4th - there's plenty of opportunity to work with both Rhianon and Luke from the facility Rhianon Lovelace - U64 Worlds Strongest Woman 2018, Pro LW Strongwoman, Britain's Biggest Deadlift & 250kg Double World Record @ 61kg Benedikt Magnusson Cerberus brings the best support apparel package for strength sports at great value. Developed by athletes, for athletes. Benedikt Magnusson - Deadlift World Record Holder 440kg, WPO & 460kg. The world's strongest men and women will face off at the finals for the Official Strongman Games Friday-Sunday at the Ocean Center. Imagine having the strength to pick up and carry a household.

Rob Kearney and Rhianon Lovelace were crowned the Strongest Man and the Strongest Woman in the world, by weight. Strongman Eddie Hall recently announced he was on quest to find the strongest woman and the strongest man in the world, measured pound-for-pound to their weight Maddox was the current world record holder for raw bench press, which he. Open Menu. Home; News; TICKETS. UK's Strongest Woman 2021; Strongmen. Richard Bessant (Wales <p>Laurence Shahlaei - Europes Strongest Man, 2x Britains Strongest Man & 9x WSM Competitor Since the start of my Strongman career, Cerberus has supported me from gym car park comps all the way up to competing at World's Strongest Man. I use the 13mm infinity lever belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves and many more, they all seem to give me the edge over the other competitors. </p> <p>Service is.

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Join Facebook to connect with Oleksii Novikov and others you may know. It took place in Bradenton, Florida between November 11 and 15. Effects of the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic, 400kg Deadlift (standard bar) for Repetitions La strongwoman Rhianon Lovelace bat un record du monde de deadlift en soulevant un poids effrayant Par Sylvain Girard le 26 juin 2019 à 16:43 Une performance incroyable Détentrice du record du monde de deadlift (260kg soit 4 fois son poids) Malgré son jeune âge la Britannique est déjà une strongeswomen accomplie. Ce week-end, elle tentait de battre le record des pierres de l'atlas, actuellement à 139kg. Pour sa première tentative, Rhianon Lovelace a soulevé 141kg sans trop de difficultés Rhianon Lovelace Faisal Hercules Rick Davidson Jim Nuttall Iiro Jokipalo 11.6.16 WPC Euros '16 Rhiannon Lovelace Valerie Tinker Mo Proctor Dan Slater Chris Graham Peter King May '16 Brits '16 British Champs '16 Odette Smaldon Thornbury LC BRITISH RAW DEADLIFT RECORDS Open (T1) 13-15 T2 (16-17) T3 (18-19) T2 (16-17) Junior Subm M1 (40-44) M2. Annabelle Chapman set a new world record after successfully carrying out a 120kg clean axle press. (06-02-121 SU) She said: After sitting down and having a chat with the coach, I thought, the next six weeks, I'll do whatever it takes to get that world record. Coach Rhianon Lovelace changed the programme, crunching numbers to ensure.

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Proud sponsor of Rhianon Lovelace. She is a professional strongwoman competitor who holds multiple world records & titles including: 1 x World Powerlifting Champion. 1 x Worlds Strongest Woman. U64 World Record Deadlift Holder. U82 World Record Deadlift Holder. U64 World Record Atlas Stone Holder. 2 x Britain's Strongest Woman. 2 x Europe's. Source:Supplie World Record Women: Lightweight: 64kg/140lbs Rhianon Lovelace (Great Britain) - 272.5kg/600lbs 1/25/20 Strength Shop Record Breakers Open: Becca Swanson (United States) - 310kgs/683lbs Men: The Mountain breaks deadlift world record Game of Thrones actor Hafthor Bjornsson deadlifts 1,041 lbs to smash a world record and win the.

181 2,000 John Haack USA 08/04/19 USPA. 198 2,066 John Haack USA 09/26/20 USPA. 220 2,144 Yury Belkin Russia 11/21/20 IPL. 242 2,182 Jamal Browner USA 02/01/20 WRPF. 275 2,321 Zac Meyers USA 12/12/20 USPA. 308 2,369 Eric Lilliebridge USA 04/17/16 UPA Rhianon Lovelace, strongwoman, bat un record du monde de deadlift en soulevant un poids monstrueux (vidéo)63017 M OVERALL RESULTS BY WILKS FORMULA. 1: RHIANON LOVELACE 364 KG 390.94 POINTS. 2: CAMILLA FOGAGNOLO 365 KG 387.37 POINTS. 3: BEN THOMPSON 537.5 KG 316.53 POINTS. 4: JASON KOHLER 517 KG 314.96 POINTS. 5: ADAM COLORADO 503 KG 298.63 POINTS The Beast détient le record du monde de deadlift avec un soulevé à 500kg.Pour mesurer sa puissance, il a invité sa compère Worlds Strongest Women, Rhianon Lovelace, à venir s'entraîner avec. Well Done Rhianon! 20 April 2015 Rhianon Lovelace O'Doherty, who studies physics and maths at the sixth form, competes in Powerlifting competitons in her spare time despite wanting to go onto a career in physics

Freya, who trains several times a week with the world's strongest woman, Rhianon Lovelace, at Kaos Strength Gym in Preston, broke three British records in the under 60kg category at the Global. Rhianon Lovelace Hits Insane Record-Setting 600lb Patrick Moore Trains With Phil Heath In Prep For A... Strength In Depth 2020: Results And Final Standing... The 12 Best Biceps Exercises by Patrick Dale; NBA Legend Kobe Bryant and Daughter Die In Helicop... Watch Chris 'Mad Scientist' Duffin Squat Mind-Numb.. Explore #strengthsports Instagram posts - Gramho.com. Great session up at @kaos_strength today for me and @anthony_krz35_48 For me it was all about getting used to the technical specifics of using a couple bits of assistance kit Deadlift 225kgs. Total 532.5kgs. This was only Rhiannon's second powerlifting competition, and was her best competition to date, increasing her total from Nationals 2017 by 32.5kgs. This also secured her the GPC's National Deadlift and Total Record for the U75's class. Rhi deadlifts 225kg from Lifters League on Vimeo

Rank Lifter Sex Age Equip Class Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total Gloss; 1: Steve Macneil: M: 33: Multi: 140: 133: 422.5: 340: 285: 1047.5: 562.90: 2: Dan Stewart: M. Record du monde deadlift femme Deadlift record femme - le record pour un soulevé de terre . Becca Swanson holds several powerlifting world records for women, including the highest squat, highest deadlift and the highest bench press L'acteur qui interprétait Gregor «La Montagne» Clegane dans la série à succès «Game of Thrones», Hafthor Bjornsson, a établi un nouveau record du monde au. Bulks Deadlift Faisal Alwahabi Bulks deadlift 14/121/14 Daniella Scozzi George Briley South West Qualifier Nigel Orme 4th July 2015 Andover Adam Riman Holly Ware Nicola Goodwill Force 10 PP Jay Bello Cornwall Qualifier Scott Massingham Cornwall Qualifiers Cornwall Mike Towers Bodypower '16 Rhianon Lovelace Faisal Hercules Rick Davidson Jim. December Push/Pull where I hope to take both the National Benchpress and Deadlift single lift records March 2018 I will be competing in PRO RAW X (my first Pro Raw) very exciting! At the end of 2018- early 2019 I will compete in bodybuilding show (in the physique division for the first time as I was figure before) TICKET INFO. Included in Daily EXPO Ticket $20 in advance (plus credit card fees) $25 at the door Buy Now. 3 for $50 in advance (plus credit card fees) Buy Now $35 Fast Pass (Allows Entry 1 Hour Early in Arnold Fitness EXPO

Andy Bolton Powerlifter. 8,560 likes · 30 talking about this. First man to Deadlift over 1000lbs. Deadlifted 900+lbs 48 times. Only lifter to hold all time squat and deadlift and Total, Has a 550 kg.. World's Ultimate Strongman er en årlig styrkeatletik- konkurrence, der startede den 26. oktober 2018. Arrangementet har en række rivaliserende og parallelle konkurrencer, herunder verdens stærkeste mand og Giants Live Tour It was hard to miss the phenomenal lift that Kate did at the SFN Expo 2019 in September of this year breaking her own previous Log Press British Record and hoisting 90KG above her head. It was wonderful to watch and was a masterclass in how mindset can make or break a lift

No problem! If you weigh between 97 and 105 pounds the average deadlift is 130 pounds while the top of the line lift level is 240 pounds. Make sure your spine is completely straight. This level should be achievable within the first year of training. Who has the right technique and increases the weights, can try the so-called cross-handle: You position one hand in the upper, the other in the. Jos 2 nedelje do takmicenja Giants Live-a.Ovo ce biti prvo takmicenje u Engleskoj od januara 2029.Takmicenje ce se odrzati u Royal Albert hall-u.Svi su super uzbudeni.Loz ce se tu takmiciti zadnji put.Trening mu ide dobro,ima jos 2 teska treninga.Na treninzima se cuva da bi svoj maximum dao na takmicenju.Bice zivog prenosa preko Facebooka,i.

Strongman Deadlift Records. Home / Strongman Records / Strongman Deadlift Records. World Record. Women: Lightweight: 64kg/140lbs. Rhianon Lovelace (Great Britain) - 272.5kg/600lbs 1/25/20 Strength Shop Record Breakers. Open: Becca Swanson (United States) - 310kgs/683lbs Only the best deliveries #REPOST @rolo_the_walker with @get__repost__app #atlasstones arriving from @building.the.beast including a future #pb 160kg and new 110 and 120 for our Ultimate Unit competition on 29/8/21. Annoyingly I can't use them due to injury at the moment but you lot can!! Message for info about gym membership, day passes, our classes, coaching, PT or just to.

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Hall is also the official deadlift world record holder, pulling 500 kilograms (1,102 lb) under strongman rules in 2016 A New Britain's Strongest Man is Crowned - Britain's A selection of the strongest men on the planet will be at Verulamium Park in St. Albans, England, on Friday as the 2019 UK's Strongest Man finals get under way General Bullshit. Users viewing forum: & 3 Guests Subject Replies Views Last Post; Returning to Training 1 2 by The_Lone_Wolf: 15: 833: 12:49 14.07.2

British Strength Magazine. 3,151 likes · 10 talking about this. British Strength Magazine is a publication catering to any person interested in the development of strength, power or sports performance Eddie Hall is an English professional strongman, known for his incredible feats in the weightlifting sport. Eddie is the winner of the 2017 World's Strongest Man competition, alongside being the only man to ever deadlift 500 kilograms (1,102 lbs). He's also won the England and UK's Strongest Man events on multiple occasions, which makes. Rhianon Lovelace is the 2018 World's Strongest Woman lightweight winner and holds the world record for lightest woman to deadlift 600 pounds (272.5 kg). She weighed 139 pounds (63 kg) when she did.. In addition to earning the title of Europe's Strongest Woman in 2004, she was also named World's Champion and World's Strongest Woman in 2003, 2005. Lots of stretching exercises to loosen up the shoulder girdle. Bench: 12x70, 8x90, 5x110,3x130, 3x150, 3x165, raw with stops. Bench with Metal Pro 56: 3x200, 2x2x220, 6x220 Felt good, really good line with the shirt! Easy and no touches, just keeping the feel of the shirt up. Dumbbell press: 10x40, 10x55, 10x55, 7x55

Posted: (7 days ago) Watch Live Saturday June 6th at 12PM ET as Rhianon Lovelace will attempt to break the Lightweight Women's World Record of the 139kg/306lb Atlas Stone lift. Live from the UK with Laurence Shahlaei and Mark Boyd commentating and Zydrunas Savickas refereeing V peti in šesti epizodi sta Rhianon Lovelace postavila nov lahki svetovni rekord Atlas Stone, Rob Kearney pa nov ameriški rekord. Dvigalo Maddoxa bo imelo naslov Beasts of the Bench - serija predstavljenih klopov v okviru Super sobote, ki bo poleg Maddox-a vključevala še nekaj drugih poskusov svetovnih rekordov

Watch as men and women in varying weight categories face off against each other in exercises like the yoke lift, keg toss, weight-lifting and vehicle dead-lifts That's what strongman is missing. Hall recruits fellow world-record holder and 2018 U64 World's Strongest woman Rhianon Lovelace for a pound-for-pound challenge.. Lovelace weighs 60 kilos Britains Strongest woman over 50 2020.Britains 2nd Strongest master 2020. 2xBritish deadlift record holder. Guinness World Record holder 2021 . Stories 964 #powerlifting #ageisjustanumber #53yearsold #masters #caughtoncamera #girlswholift #headupassdown Coached by@rhianon.lovelace.kaosstrength Sponsored by @supacleen Kitted.

Watch Rhianon Lovelace’s Amazing 5Jedna z najsilniejszych kobiet na świecie rywalizowała zOur Athletes | AMG Sports ManagementChampion Strongman Eddie “The Beast” Hall Accused Of