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  1. The Superpower Wiki (also known as Powerlisting) is the largest collection of superpowers known to humankind. With over 10,000 pages and climbing, the wiki aims to document and identify every single ability that has ever revealed itself in any fictional work. On top of being a place to spend hours of clicking and scrolling to different.
  2. ant position characterized by its extensive ability to exert influence or project power on a global scale. This is done through the combined means of economic, military, technological, political and cultural strength as well as diplomatic and soft power influence. Traditionally, superpowers are pree
  3. The ability to utilize information with physical combat. Technique of Knowledge Manipulation. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Associations 4 Limitations 5 Known Users Formulated Combat Knowledge Combat The user is able to utilize information manipulation with their physical combat andattack by sending concentrated information to thetarget causing an over burst of how much the victim's body can.
  4. d. This is particularly useful in reconnaissance missions or tests, since the user can send information regarding miscellaneous data, they can transfer even images and symbols to the person. The user can help others with answering questions and even in undercover operations, possessing.
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  6. The ability to manipulate data/digital information. Sub-power of Record Manipulation, Technology Manipulationand Knowledge Manipulation. Opposite to Physical Information Manipulation. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Techniques 5 Variations 6 Associations 7 Limitations 8 Known Users..

The power to record/recall previously acquired powers, skills and abilities. Sub-Power of Power Absorption. Technique of Power Replication. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Techniques 5 Variations 6 Associations 7 Limitations 8 Known Users 9 Known Procedures Ability Codex Docketing Ability Template Catag Biophysical Recall Power Data Imprinting Skillset Codices. Information Manipulation is the power to control, alter, and even destroy information itself, an incredibly useful ability given that information exists throughout everything in some form or another. On a small scale, this can allow for the analysis of information, manipulating data, and potentially even directly drawing information from sources and absorbing it to use for one's self. On a. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation

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Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to store or retrieve data and information.IT is typically used within the context of business operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. IT is considered to be a subset of information and communications technology (ICT). An information technology system (IT system) is generally an information system, a communications. Three-phase electric power is a common method of alternating current electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. It is a type of polyphase system and is the most common method used by electrical grids worldwide to transfer power. It is also used to power large motors and other heavy loads.. A three-wire three-phase circuit is usually more economical than an equivalent two-wire. India lies in the cultural region of the Indian Ocean - a zone with unprecedented potential for growth in the scale of transoceanic commerce, with many Eurasian and increasingly Afro-Asian sea-trade routes passing through or close to Indian territorial waters.The subcontinent's land and water resources, though strained, are still sustaining its massive population Information power is a form of personal or collective power that is based on controlling information needed by others in order to reach an important goal. Our society is now reliant on information power as knowledge for influence, decision making, credibility, and control. Timely and relevant information delivered on demand can be the most.

The Italians call them Strega. The Yoruba of West Africa call them Aje, meaning mother. Where my mother was from, they called them Häxa. And here, we call them Witch. Over the centuries vampires have fought them and fought beside them, bedded them and burned them. Whether adversary or ally they have been a force to be reckoned with. Witches are beings who are endowed with the magical arts. Phone Power will only support a single, standard touch tone telephone connected directly to the Phone Power phone adapter. • Important Note: Improper use of internal wiring will result in the failure of the phone adapter and possibly any device connected to the internal telephone wiring Power is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Courtney A. Kemp in collaboration with Curtis 50 Cent Jackson.It aired on the Starz network from June 7, 2014, to February 9, 2020.. Upon release, Power gained positive reviews for its pacing, atmosphere, and acting. [irrelevant citation] [irrelevant citation] It is one of Starz's most highly rated shows and one of. On Fandom, RangerWiki is an information repository about every Ranger to ever serve the side of good, and every villain to ever oppose them. It is a collaborative encyclopedic repository for everything related to Power Rangers and Super Sentai . RangerWiki is undergoing serious repair. If you're interested in helping, check out the RangerWiki. PowerTech Information Systems AS is an Oslo -based Norwegian Internet service provider founded in 1993. PowerTech was founded in fall 1993 in tiny quarters in Storgata, Oslo, by teenagers Øystein Homelien, Lars Nøring, Harald Paulsen, and Henry Dramstad. They had dropped out of school and were all still minors; Nøring's father became.

In this article. With Power BI Desktop, you can connect to data from many different sources. For a full list of available data sources, see Power BI data sources.. You connect to data by using the Home ribbon. To show the Most Common data types menu, select the Get data button label or the down arrow.. To go to the Get Data dialog box, show the Most Common data types menu and select More Create an internal wiki. At the heart of growth is a community, a place for people to collaborate, share ideas, and discover new ways to apply technology to achieve more. A community is a safe place to ask questions to share tacit knowledge and expand skill sets. Organizations that have succeeded at creating a growing community of makers. Thomas Tommy Patrick Egan (bornThomas Patrick Teresi) was the best friend of James St. Patrick as well as his business partner. They had been like brothers since childhood, both having grew up in the same neighborhood, where Tommy was bullied and beaten for being the only white kid in the area. Tommy is one of the 5 protagonists of the power universe. Tommy served as a tritagonist in season.

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Original article (before wiki edits) was written by Jeannine Takaki and JuanPablo Jofre and formatted by Mary Browning, Microsoft SQL Server Technical Writers. ISBLANK Checks whether a value is blank, and returns TRUE or FALSE Power Rangers is an American multimedia franchise created by Haim Saban and Toei Company. 1 History 1.1 Reruns 1.2 Japanese Dub 2 Seasons 3 Elements of a Power Rangers season 3.1 End of the World Plot 4 Criticisms 5 Motion Pictures 6 Home media and streaming 7 Logos 8 See Also 9 References In 1978, Marvel Comics had made a deal with Toei to adapt their Spider-Man character. The adaptation.

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  1. Gecko Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of one of three species of Geckos: the Tokay gecko, Lichtenfelder's gecko, and Virgin Islands dwarf sphaero. It first appeared in the Season 1 episode The Gecko Effect. 1 DNA Sources: 2 Abilities: 3 Appearances 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko) Lichtenfelder's Gecko (Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi.
  2. Connect and analyze your entire data estate by combining Power BI with Azure analytics services—from Azure Synapse Analytics to Azure Data Lake Storage. Analyze petabytes of data, use advanced AI capabilities, apply additional data protection, and more easily share insights across your organization. Powerful alone
  3. The history of power electronics is so vast that it is impossible to review it within a few pages. More information is available in the references. Power electronics is a technology that deals with the conversion and control of electrical power with high-efficiency switching mode electronic devices for a wide range of applications
  4. To display these details, select More information. All Power BI entries have a value of 20 for the RecordType property. For information about other properties, see Detailed properties in the audit log. Export search results. To export the Power BI audit log to a CSV file, follow these steps. Select Export results
  5. Cheetah Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of a Cheetah. It first appeared in the Season 1 episode Mimic. 1 DNA Source 2 Abilities: 3 Weakness 4 Background 4.1 Season 1 4.2 Season 2 4.3 Season 3 4.4 Season 4 4.5 Season 6 5 Appearances 6 Trivia 7 Gallery Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) 70 mph Running Enhanced Vision Camouflage Limited Time at Top Speed.
  6. Welcome to the database all about the Power Instinct series from Atlus, also known as Goketsuji Ichizoku. The mission of this wiki is to enlighten everyone on the series. If you would like to help, please feel free to contribute what you can provide! For more information, please see this link, or click on the About This Wiki link. LATEST NEWS: Takashiru Hikaru (Hanashi Shinba) Is remaking.

The Power of the Titans(巨人の力Kyojin no Chikara?, also translated as Titan power(s)) allowed Subjects of Ymir to transform into intelligent Titans with specific characteristics and unique abilities, known as the Nine Titans. The holders of the Nine Titans were able to regenerate from injuries, and gained access to the memories of previous Subjects of Ymir that held the power before them. Note: All powers described below apply only to the Green Lantern Corps Power Rings. The powers of Alan Scott's ring are similar and are described in his biography.. Bright Green Energy Conduit: The rings use pure energy supplied by a Power Battery, which in most cases takes the form of bright green light.This energy is the green light of willpower of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum The Power of the Titans(巨人の力Kyojin no Chikara?, also translated as Titan powers) is the ability which allows for Subjects of Ymir to transform into intelligent Titans known as the Nine Titans.Unlike Pure Titans, those with the Power of the Titans are able to control their form and retain their human intelligence. If a Pure Titan gains the power of the Titans, that Titan will return to. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site FandomShop Newsletter Join Fan Lab.

StarClan must have shared their wisdom with this article, because it was previously featured on the front page. The Tribe of Rushing Water is a group of cats that live in the mountains past Highstones.1 The Tribe is very similar to a Clan, but feature different positions and terminology.2 They also have different naming traditions.3 They have a custom of sharing prey, where they take a bite. IT Strategy (Information Technology Strategy or Technology Strategy or ICT Strategy or IS Strategy) is an approach to create an information technology capability for maximum, and sustainable value for an organization.IT Strategy is implemented using an IT Strategic Plan which documents specific steps, deliverables, and timeline.. IT Strategy helps create shareholder value Sakura Uchiha ( うちはサクラ, Uchiha Sakura, née Haruno ( 春野 )) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. When assigned to Team 7, Sakura quickly finds herself ill-prepared for the duties of a shinobi. However, after training under the Sannin Tsunade, she overcomes this, and becomes recognised as one of the greatest medical-nin in the world

Barbie in Princess Power is the 29 th Barbie movie. It was released in Spring 2015. The film follows Princess Kara of Windemere, who, after being kissed by a magical butterfly, is imbued with super powers and begins saving people under the alias Super Sparkle.Kara's jealous cousin Princess Corinne is kissed by the same butterfly and starts competing with Kara as Dark Sparkle, but when they. In many cases, the information we need is available on one or many web pages, but we need to process the same information repeatedly. To automate such a repeated task via PowerShell we need to read and parse HTML data. For example, a question was recently posted on the Microsoft 2010 Sharepoint forum

Electronics is the study of electricity (the flow of electrons) and how to use that to build things like computers. It uses circuits that are made with parts called components and connecting wires to do useful things. The science behind Electronics comes from the study of physics and gets applied in real-life ways through the field of electrical engineering No galleryList of Creature Powers Giraffe Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of a Nubian giraffe. It first appeared in the Season 2 episode Neck and Neck. 1 DNA Source 2 Abilities: 3 Appearances 4 Gallery Nubian Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)Long Neck Neck Fighting Ossicones Speed Hoof KickNeck and Neck Cheetah Adopted The Erminator. Thermal power plant. A thermal power plant is a power plant where steam is used to drive a steam turbine. This turbine is connected to an electrical generator. After this, the water is condensed, and may be used again. This is known as the Rankine cycle. There are different procedures that can be used to heat the water

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Peninsula of Power in Final Fantasy (3DS).. Final Fantasy games that have random encounters on a world map use divisions to separate where certain sets of encounters are fought. Many of the earlier games divide the map into a grid of squares of equal size. Depending on the location on the grid the player traversing the world map is standing on, different enemies will be encountered We've hit a snag. The issue should resolve on its own, but if it keeps happening, ask your admin to contact our support team and give them:. The URL of this pag This article is about the energy. For the ability to become stronger, see Saiyan Power. Saiya Power2 is a type of energy that Saiyans possess. 1 Overview 2 Video Game Appearances 3 References 4 Site Navigation Baby stole Saiya Power from the likes of Goten in order to become stronger.3 If a group of Super Saiyans give their Saiya Power to a Saiyan who possess the Super Saiyan 4 state they.

Welcome to the BINGO Blitz Wiki. This is the official Wiki for BINGO Blitz, the free, fast-paced, high-action version of BINGO! Here, you'll find information on the basics of the game, such as gameplay pointers, what those cool Power-Ups do, and details about the different ways to play! The navigation bar at the top will display recently added. The First Ones are an alien race of intergalactic explorers native to Eternia. They fought a protracted war with Horde Prime in which he claimed victory, though little is known about the conflict or their current condition. 1 Overview 2 History 3 Known Members 4 Gallery 5 See also The First Ones were a seemingly family-oriented peaceful group of humanoids with control over powerful tech that. Proboscis Monkey Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of a Proboscis monkey. It first appeared in the season 1 episode Kerhonk. 1 DNA Source 2 Abilities: 3 Appearances 4 Gallery Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus) Enhanced Climbing Alarm Call Swimming 4-Chambered Stomach Kerhonk Category Lis GE Hitachi is a world leader in new plant technology, fuel and services. Designing and delivering advanced power conversion technologies that evolve today's industrial processes for a cleaner, more productive future. GE's power systems experts solving the world's toughest technical and economic problems, enabling technology integration and.

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Newgrounds Wiki: Voting Power. Voting Power Voting Power is based on a user's Level and Blam / Protection points. Take a look at the respective sections to see how voting power is affected by each. FEATURED CONTENT. Games Movies Audio Art Channels Users. ParkerRyland the streaming schedule from July 27th - July 31st Reegle Definition Hydro power is electrical energy produced through the power of moving water. Power obtained from the (typically gravitational) movement of water., Hydropower plants derive energy from the force of moving water and harness this energy for useful purposes

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Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon The OLPC Wiki. The One Laptop per Child non-profit develops a low-cost laptop— the XO Laptop —to revolutionize how we educate the world's children. Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for the world's most isolated and poorest children by giving each child a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop; and software tools. Nuclear power is the controlled use of nuclear energy.' like uranium that can be released by nuclear reactions in a machine called a nuclear reactor.This energy is made into electricity, which then can be used to power machines and heat homes. In 2007, 14% of the world's electricity came from nuclear power. Nuclear power plants also make radioactive waste that could be harmful if it is not. Most buildings require electricity, or power, to function. Power is produced in power generators (see below) and consumed by buildings. Power is transferred via Power Lines, Power Poles, or Train Stations and Railways. Power is measured in megawatts (MW). 1 Principle 2 Power grid 3 Power trip 4 Power graph 5 Power consumers 6 Power generators 6.1 Type of generators 7 Resource consumption 8.

When the Guardians of the Universe discovered that Sinestro, the Green Lantern of Sector 1417, had used his ring to take control of his homeworld of Korugar, the Guardians expelled Sinestro from the Green Lantern Corps and ban The Yellow Power Ring is the weapon of choice of Sinestro and his Sinestro Corps. 1 History 2 Powers 3 Weakness 4 See Also 5 Links and References When the Guardians of. Kyle was one of the Horde soldiers alongside Adora and Catra. He wasfriends with Adora until she defected to The Rebellion. In the Season Fourfinale, he defected from the Horde with Rogelio and Lonnie. He is a minor antagonist in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Relationships 4.1 The Horde 4.2 Adora 4.3 Rogelio 4.4 Lonnie 4.5 Scorpia 4.6.

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Destiny awaits. - A White Lantern Lantern Power Ring greeting its New User. 1 History 1.1 The Blackest Night 1.2 The Brightest Day 2 Powers 3 Weakness 4 Current Owners 5 Previous Owners 6 Notes 7 Trivia 8 Links The White Lantern Corps Power Ring channels the power of the White Light, the combined power of the seven Light Based Corps. The White Lantern Power Ring was first seen during the. This is a list of fictional villains from the Power Rangers universe, appearing in the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, its sequels and related films. They are listed alphabetically according to the series of Power Rangers in which they appeared. 1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villains 1.1 Season One 1.2 Season Two 1.3 Season Three 1.4 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 2. Wikipedia Definition. Power density is the amount of power (time rate of energy transfer) per unit volume. In energy transformers including batteries, fuel cells, motors, etc., and also power supply units or similar, power density refers to a volume. It is then also called volume power density, which is expressed as W/m3

Notes. Fragments of Power is a guaranteed drop from the Unnamed City Bosses, with a ~1.1% chance to receive a second Fragment of Power. Additional Fragments of Power can be found at the Ancient Scorpion Queen, The Executioner, Khari Remnants, and as Relic Fragments in small chests hidden around the City and Wine Cellar dungeon Solar panels have become much cheaper to use, compared to oil, diesel and liquified natural gas in parts of Asia. Solar energy will soon become the main source of energy. Over the years many innovations have been made to improve solar panels. Solar panels have been used for space exploration and are being developed to be able to power cars

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1 Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, February 15, 2021, James Richardson, Kurt Schlegel, Rita Sallam, Austin Kronz, Julian Sun . Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation Power of the Omnitrix is an Asian play of the animated series. It has two acts; act one is about the original series, while the other is about Alien Force. It debuts two aliens, Squidstrictor and Rocks. 1 Characters 1.1 Ben's Team 1.1.1 Original Series Version 1.1.2 Alien Force Version 1.2.. Overview. Standards: Package: wireless RouterOS wireless comply with IEEE 802.11 standards, it provides complete support for 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and 802.11ac as long as additional features like WPA, WEP, AES encryption, Wireless Distribution System (WDS), Dynamic Frequency selection (DFS), Virtual Access Point, Nstreme and NV2 proprietary protocols and many more Slash Valkyrie Blitz Power Retsu (スラッシュヴァルキリー・ブリッツ・パワー・烈, Surasshu Varukirī Burittsu Pawā Retsu) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Gatinko Layer System. It was released as a Booster in Japan on March 16th, 2019 for 1296円. It is the. Wind power is the conversion of the energy in wind into a more useful form of energy, like electricity. It is a renewable source of energy that helps to cut down on the pollution of earth's air. Wind power capacity has expanded quickly to 336 GW in June 2014, and wind energy production was about 4% of total worldwide electricity usage, and growing fast

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Welcome to APC by Schneider Electric. Select your location. Americas Antigua and Barbuda; Aruba; Bahamas; Argentina; Anguill 1 Promotional Art 1.1 Adora 1.2 She-Ra 2 Screenshots 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 2 2.3 Season 3 2.4 Season 4 2.5 Season 5 3 Shorts 3.1 Princess Rebel Recruitment 3.2 Swift Wind Adventures 4 Animation For more information , see Create and distribute an app in Power BI. Alternatively, you can grant users access to your report by doing the following. Add a tile from the report to a dashboard. Share the dashboard with the users that need access to the report. For more information, see Share a dashboard with colleagues and others. Reference Adora before transforming into She-Ra For the Honor of Grayskull! Adora is the main protagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the current She-Ra; guardian of Etheria, and co-leader of the Princess Alliance and The Rebellion. 1 Description 2 Appearance 2.1 Adora 2.2 She-Ra 3 Personality 4 Powers and abilities 4.1 Powers 4.2 Abilities 4.3 Weaknesses 5 Equipment 6 Relationships 6.1 Catra. A solar power plant is based on the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP). Concentrated solar power systems use lenses, mirrors, and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam.Photovoltaics converts light into electric current using the photoelectric effect

Bow is a central character in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and a leader of the Rebellion. He is a companion in the adventures of the Princess Alliance. He uses a tracker pad and has some knowledge of technology management, and he also works as a master archer, often creating his own trick arrows. During the final battle against Horde Prime, he entered a romantic relationship with. The '70 Dodge Power Wagon represents the W500 variant, produced from 1956 until 1971. The tooling for the casting was updated in 2020, now featuring a post-post construction as opposed to post-tab. The '70 Dodge Power Wagon casting has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions Power Rangers SPD is the 13th series of Power Rangers. The show aired on February 2005 and ended on November 2005. The series received critical praise and successful ratings. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger 1 Power Rangers SPD Logo 2 Morphers: 3 All: 4 SPD Rangers 5 SWAT Mode Rangers 6 Future Rangers 7 A-Squad Rangers 8 SPD Rangers 9 SWAT Mode Rangers 10 Power Rangers SPD Ranger Form 13 11 Rangers. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) includes a set of text functions that is based on the library of string functions in Excel, but it has been modified to work with tables and columns. Read more about the following text functions: Original article (before wiki edits) was written by Jeannine Takaki and JuanPablo Jofre and formatted by Mary Browning.


Power Girl, also known as Kara Zor-L and Karen Starr, is a DC Comics superheroine, making her first appearance in All Star Comics #58 (January/February 1976). Power Girl is the cousin of DC's flagship hero Superman, but from an alternative universe in the fictional multiverse in which DC Comics stories are set. Originally hailing from the world of Earth-Two, first envisioned as the home of DC. the wiki software keeps track of every edit made and it's a simple process to revert back to a previous version of an article widens access to the power of web publishing to non-technical users the wiki has no predetermined structure - consequently it is a flexible tool which can be used for a wide range of application 1 Introduction 2 History 3 Definition 4 Limitations of Hard Power 5 References The term hard power describes a nation or political body's ability to use economic incentives or military strength to influence other actors' behaviors. It relies on a measure of power propounded by the realist school in international relations theory. In the realist school, power is linked with the possession.

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Law is a set of rules decided by a particular place or authority meant for the purpose of keeping the peace and security of society.. Courts or police may enforce this system of rules and punish people who break the laws, such as by paying a fine, or other penalty including jail. In ancient societies, laws were written by leaders, to set out rules on how people can live, work and do business. Jack-Jack is a major character in the 2004 Disney•Pixar animated film, The Incredibles and its 2018 sequel. He is the youngest son of Bob Parr and Helen Parr and the younger brother of Violet Parr and Dash Parr. Despite coming from a family of Supers, it was initially believed that he was born without any powers. In a surprising turn of events, the Parrs would later discover that he has at. Power combos are a combat mechanic introduced in Mass Effect 3, expanding on the Warp detonations of Mass Effect 2. By attacking an enemy with two powers in sequence, the combined effects of each power can result in an explosion that causes major damage in an area. 1 Overview 1.1 Complex Interactions 1.2 Damage 2 Biotic Explosion 2.1 Source Powers 2.2 Detonator Powers 3 Cryo Explosion 3.1. Power Rangers: Samurai is the eighteenth season of Power Rangers, serving as an adaptation of the 33rd Super Sentai season, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. A second season, titled Power Rangers Super Samurai premiered the following year. The series is the first to be produced by a revived Saban Brands, following their re-acquisition of the franchise.